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Okay happy things first. I just managed to fix a backwards compatibility problem for secretproject. Pretty major, so lucky me I managed to get that done. Woohoo!

What isn’t so dandy, however, is the fact that the second test week is coming up after this weekend. I’m really sort of shitting my pants for it.
It’s a Goddamn test week.

Not only that, but I did the previous one surprisingly well. Knowing me, I’ll probably be like “nah, I got this” and not study too hard. In fact, that is already the case.
Aaaaand, chemistry practical exam. You have to do all kinds of complicated experiments, ALL BY YOURSELF. And seeing as how I’m no good at theoretical chemistry, practical stuff is basically just hell.

So yeah, durrrp, I should go back to studying now. Wish me the best of luck, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.
~ Fang


  • 18/01/2012 (12:00 PM)

    Three days till secret project! I hope you can finish it just in time. Also, good luck with that exam.

  • 16/01/2012 (3:33 AM)

    I can remember in mine and Mark’s science class we had a bunch of test tubes and such but can’t remember ever really using em’, then again I saw lots of dead animals and stuff in jars… Thankfully we never used them ever. Good luck on your exams of course :D

  • 15/01/2012 (6:15 PM)

    Well good luck I never liked those classes either lol

  • 15/01/2012 (7:52 AM)

    Reading you talk about school is making me think about school.
    Stop it. :P

  • 15/01/2012 (7:04 AM)

    I sucked at chemistry.

  • 15/01/2012 (4:33 AM)

    I wish you the best!
    I wouldnt make it though

  • 15/01/2012 (2:02 AM)

    good luck dude

  • 15/01/2012 (12:36 AM)

    Seriously dude best of luck. I don’t think I ever had to do practical chemistry on my own actually. Or much of it ever. I was in a pretty shitty school though. You should study for your exams as best as you can too.

  • 15/01/2012 (12:14 AM)

    hey there good luck witht he exam + following :D

  • Jay
    15/01/2012 (12:13 AM)


  • 14/01/2012 (11:36 PM)

    Good luck with the testing, really excited to see what it is! =)

  • 14/01/2012 (9:16 PM)

    Aww good luck with your exam!

    When I was in high school I was shit at experiments, even with help! So I can imagine how scary it must be to do them on your own :(

  • Anonymous
    14/01/2012 (8:43 PM)

    HAKUNAMATATA best advice ever :)

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