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I‘ve recently noticed my hard drives, internal and external, are getting rather extremely low on space. Even my external drive is this close to exploding! So, what’s on them?

We’ll start with the internal. A 75GB HDD, where most of my files are stored. Programs, downloads, documents, you name it.
Among the big-boys is my downloads folder. It’s nothing really huge, only 2.5 gigs worth of data in there, but hey, it hasn’t been that long since I last cleaned up.
Noteworthy mention goes to my 1GB large Wallpapers folder. I’m a bit of an avid collector, though I’ve held myself back lately. I need some new good ones, though.
There’s also a total of approximately 16 gigs worth of USB backups. I know, I should probably do away with those, but I’m kind of afraid I’ll lose my thumb drive one of these days…
But here’s the real whopper. 20 gigabytes of apps and programs in my programs folder. Holy moly, and I only use a few of them on a daily basis! Thing is, there’s a few really good utilities in there, which I’ll never part with. Add the entire Microsoft Office (yeah, I know) and Adobe CS5 packages to that, and there’s your total.
Oh and a lot of useless crap that adds up to about an extra twenty gigs, I guess.

External? Oh boy.
For starters, I put my Time Machine backups on that disk, which is, well, an awful 170 or so GB. I should make a new backup soon though, most recent one is from September or what is it. But I don’t have the space, sadly.
Oh and I also got a backup of my mom’s data on there, which is an extra 50 gigs worth of documents.
Bunch of Photoshop tutorials I got from a friend, 20GB.
2.5 gigs worth of books and other interesting stuff, too.
I also store my anime on there, most of which I have yet to watch. Haven’t really found the time to do so lately. Some of them have been sitting in that 100-gig pile for years now.
Wii games are stored on there, too. About 40 gigs worth of them, I’d say.
(The last few amounts are rough estimates, since it’s taking my drive waaay too long to figure out exactly how large everything is. Maybe I ought to defragment that badboy soon?)

On top of all that is the huge collection of music I have not yet added to my iTunes. It’s a total of 65 gigabytes. Most of that is lossless audio, mind you, but fucking shit, how did I even obtain all that anyway? I guess I’ll have to work on adding it to my library slowly but surely, but I’ll also have to get my hands on a 64GB iPod Touch soon, because my current 16GB just won’t cut it.

But yeah. Lots of useless crap I really need to sort out, too.

Now I’m wondering, what fills your drives? Make a post similar to this one. If you’re lucky you’ll notice how many shit you can throw away as an added bonus!
~ Fang


  • 06/01/2012 (12:44 AM)

    My 2TB hard disk is almost full now because of all the games, music and videos I’ve downloaded. I also have a few Wii games as well, even though I don’t even have a Wii and can’t use them.

  • 05/01/2012 (7:36 AM)

    I think I am going to switch over to a zune soon. My ipod is getting quite beat up.

  • 05/01/2012 (7:30 AM)

    I don’t have any music or movies. It’s mostly games and pictures and porn I guess.

  • 05/01/2012 (12:29 AM)

    I’m right there with you, with all the music I download, space is a huge concern. Gotta just get a 2TB drive so I won’t have to worry about running out of space.

  • G
    05/01/2012 (12:09 AM)

    I used to be a digital hoarder but recently I just tend to download stuff when I need it then delete it

  • 04/01/2012 (9:50 PM)

    I lost everything on it few days ago :~~~
    now downloading again music, games and comics… movies I had on DVD. what hurts most is to lose old photos and other virtual mementos

    so, little friends… ALWAYS backup! don’t be dumb like me

  • 04/01/2012 (9:33 PM)

    Since my last laptop has not long blown up, from a combination of a frightening amount of virus’ and the fact that when its power pack I somehow managed to attatch a PC one to it… Long story short.. The power blew in the house. But I had around 60GB of music and 20GB of old cartoons like Earthworm Jim and Sonic :D my new one only has like the Tremors series and Blackadder! Interesting post :)

  • 04/01/2012 (9:30 PM)

    I will never disclose the contents of my hard drive. At least not to this degree lol. I have a huge hard drive and still could do with an external -_- Part of it is not uninstalling games much. My hard drive probably could do with a good clean, but sadly my hoarding stretches to there too.

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