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It should be no secret to most of you that I’m planning on writing a guide on how to make your own Blogger template from scratch. It also shouldn’t be very shocking to hear that at least a small basis of HTML and CSS knowledge is required.

Knowing how a lot of you guys have no idea what goes on in website coding, how about I write a small, minimalistic, “intro to HTML and CSS” to go with the Blogger template guide? Would make it a lot more accessible for most of you.
I won’t do a full tutorial on how to master the basics, mind you, but I will cover them real quick. It’s kind of hard to just say “yeah x makes y happen”, because there’s a whole mechanism behind it as to why that happens. I’ll just say “this and this causes that, add those for this” and that kind of stuff. Just back to basic, minimalistic explanations.

Don’t worry though, if something’s confusing you there’s plenty of sites on the web willing to explain it to you. And if not, you can always ask me your questions.

So, what do you think? Want, Y/N?
~ Fang


  • 28/01/2012 (3:11 PM)

    Thanks for adding me to your friend list. I tried tinkering with the HTML of my blog trying to replicate the effect you did with your tabs but failed. Looks like it’s more complicated than I thought. I’m looking forward to your guide.

  • 27/01/2012 (5:32 PM)


  • 27/01/2012 (9:10 AM)

    DO WANT, looking forward to it!

  • 27/01/2012 (2:33 AM)

    I think it would make the thing a lot more accessible so I’ll vote yes.

  • 27/01/2012 (2:20 AM)

    Yes yes yes yes. That would be awesome. I’d love the little tab thingy design you have on your blog and I’d love something similar. Looks way more professional than what I have.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to have the tabs on the top instead of the side right?

  • 27/01/2012 (2:02 AM)

    Want! Totally dig the layout here. Followed for moar.

  • Jay
    27/01/2012 (1:37 AM)

    Yeah, that would be nice for all us non-techies. :D

  • G
    27/01/2012 (1:12 AM)

    This is something I’d be very interested in.

  • 26/01/2012 (9:41 PM)

    Sounds great, man. Looking forward to it!

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