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Or web portal, whatever you want to call it.

The root of my sites,, now got a proper landing page. It doesn’t look too fancy, didn’t work out exactly as I planned, but it’s there nonetheless.

But oh boy what are those mysterious “coming soon” things? What could they possibly be?
I have no fucking idea.

Been rather busy, so I may just change the design of that a bit later on. I’ll leave it at this for now, it’s good enough for the time being.

Also, Lord Phrozen, how well-versed are you in webdev? I may have a nice opportunity for you. ;D

Oh, yeah, got my chemistry grades back today, thought you might want to know. 3.6 for my theoretical exam (1 to 10 grading system again), but at least managed a very nice 6.8 on the practical one! Woohoo, I guess!

See y’all tomorrow, with another surprise!
~ Fang


  • 26/01/2012 (5:48 AM)

    I’m not good actually. Everything I know are from reading online tutorials and stuff. I didn’t study about it too deeply.

  • 24/01/2012 (10:17 PM)

    Web Portal? now this is some fancy-schmancy stuff right here.

  • 24/01/2012 (2:29 PM)

    I love it!
    How did you do it?
    2nd time I asked!

    • 24/01/2012 (4:09 PM)

      Okay okay, answer here, then.
      I’ll (spoiler) get out a guide on how to make a Blogger template from scratch soon. In the mean time, study the html and css basics. They’ll come in very handy. ;D

  • 24/01/2012 (6:17 AM)

    Whoa! So cool!! I wanna have a landing page too, but I dunno what to do. Oh well.. :p

  • 23/01/2012 (11:29 PM)

    It’s looking real good, and don’t worry about getting that other stuff up. I’m sure it’ll come in due time.

  • 23/01/2012 (10:09 PM)

    Ooooh your fancy pants new web portal is fancy. I suppose at least you got one good score. 3.6 is better than a total clusterfuck of a failure.

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