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Something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now: a proper list of friends, partners, and other cool people for you to check out. Click the tab on the left! it’s fourth in line.

Sure, it’s a rather small list right now, but the people who really count are already on there. Chances are I accidentally forgot about someone (sorry if that’s you), but I’ll update it every now and then.
Don’t even bother asking to be on there. Special people only, so if you’re on there, feel honoured.

That’s really it for today. Been hella busy with being at school, spending quality time with one of my best friends and obtaining too much information (fuck, it really IS TMI-Tuesday), and discussing things with my boss.
Things are going pretty hectic lately, I’m amazed I can keep this whole Blogaversary Week thing going. Need some real time to write some heavy-duty stuff though. Surprises soon.

Really need to head to bed now. Tired as fuck.
~ Fang


  • 26/01/2012 (5:52 AM)

    I’m not there, but if I have to make a similar list on my blog, you’ll definitely have a spot.

  • 25/01/2012 (5:57 PM)

    Agree with shaw, and besides, I am your best friend right?

  • 25/01/2012 (8:45 AM)

    you need more tabs, stat!

  • 25/01/2012 (8:11 AM)

    Welcome back. The blog is looking really awesome.

    Also, did you get my email? Never got a reply but I just thought that was due to you being busy.

  • 25/01/2012 (2:18 AM)

    This new tabbed format is rockin. Congrats to the cool kids who made the cut.

  • 25/01/2012 (1:55 AM)

    Hooray for a new tab!

  • Jay
    25/01/2012 (12:28 AM)

    gonna check it out. ;)

  • 24/01/2012 (11:37 PM)

    Yay I’m on there!

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