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As promised, I’ll keep releasing new stuff over the coming week. Second day of the Blogaversary Week, a new “about me” page!

Click the tab on the left, and bask in its glory. Wrote a new one because the old one was kind of out of style, and a new blog needs a new “about me” page anyway. I, without a doubt, forgot to write about some things there, but those’ll get added later on, no worries.

It is a bit of a pain though to have that load as soon as the page loads. I have to look into the possibility of the tabs content to load once you click (or mouseover even, to improve viewing speed) on them, so that all that extra shit doesn’t get loaded with the page. It’s getting rather slow already. Huge-ass background image, header image, lots of JavaScript to execute, that’s really more than I’d normally want on any given page. But now i.e. my portrait image is added to that loading list, and it’s visibly slowing the site down.
But that is sort of a worry for later.

Before I round this up, I want to thank you all for the compliments on the new design. Great to see it’s so well-received! Really appreciate the love it gets, thank you all so much! Guess all the hard work really paid off then.

I really have to get some solid shut-eye now. Haven’t met my quota for the weekend by far, so I’ll need as much as I can get to survive tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 23/01/2012 (7:28 PM)

    happy anniversary

  • 23/01/2012 (4:41 PM)

    I checked your new About Me page and have noticed that you are wearing a Domo-kun t-shirt on your self portrait. What about those poor kittens?

  • 23/01/2012 (9:28 AM)

    The background image makes me feel as if I should be wearing shades while reading your blog

    • 23/01/2012 (5:25 PM)

      Haha. That’s exactly what I thought. Brilliant design!

      GM x

  • 23/01/2012 (9:13 AM)

    Still impressed!

  • Jay
    23/01/2012 (8:57 AM)

    happy blogaversary! :D

  • 23/01/2012 (1:33 AM)

    Things seem to be loading just dandy for me.

  • G
    23/01/2012 (12:52 AM)

    Love the new layout as well…and happy blogaversary

  • 22/01/2012 (10:51 PM)

    You think your pages run slow? Pfft as if! :P

  • 22/01/2012 (10:34 PM)

    I *do* really like this design. Hope I can learn to make mine look this cool. Happy blogoversary!

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