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Blood, sweat and tears.

‘Cause we’re heading to the future!

2012 is pretty much right around the corner. We’re about to leave the present and enter the wondrous world of the unvisited year. (If any time travellers are present, stfu, don’t ruin this for us.)

I’ll be out partying tomorrow night. Having a good time with friends, celebrating, the usual. (The awesome usual!) Hence why I wrote a scheduled post for tomorrow just now. It’s kind of huge, but hey, it covers the entire year, so what did you expect?

That’s it for now. Tomorrow’s message won’t be very personal since I won’t really be there, so I’ll say it now:
Happy new year, folks from the Blogosphere and beyond! Happy new year, may 2012 be a wonderful time for us all!

Enjoy partying, having a nice time, or just enter the new year in an awesome way by yourself. Make it a nice moment, or you’ll regret it!
~ Fang


  • 01/01/2012 (4:25 PM)

    Oh no! Christmas vacation is almost over!
    Must… not… sleep…
    Must… play… more… games…

  • 31/12/2011 (4:53 PM)

    Have a happy new year! I am just stuck here at home doing stuff.

  • 31/12/2011 (1:49 PM)

    Have fun :)))

  • 31/12/2011 (11:08 AM)

    Oh no what can we do to stop this evil future from consuming us all!?!?

  • 31/12/2011 (8:19 AM)

    Have fun tomorrow!

  • 31/12/2011 (3:45 AM)

    have a an awesome time this holiday also to you…

    happy new year…^^

  • 31/12/2011 (1:02 AM)

    (This one dude in Con Air has a license plate that says AZZ KIKR /Picard faceplam x2 combo)

  • 30/12/2011 (10:08 PM)

    Happy New Year! I’ll make some noise for you. =)

  • 30/12/2011 (9:55 PM)

    I regret nothing except that I have boneitis. Happy new year yourself there chap.

  • 30/12/2011 (9:44 PM)

    My usual New Year’s Eve is drinking soda pop champagne knockoffs with my parents.

    My friends and I were planning on doing something this year so that I could spend ONE New Year’s differently before the apocalypse, but then everyone got sick or had obligations so it failed.

    This means I am basically going to sit at home and hate you for the duration of the 31st :D

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