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I spent a lot of time just now adding a shitton of music to my iTunes, and I’m not even done yet. It isn’t as simple as just dragging and dropping. I also need to tag them (which isn’t even the hard part) and get all the correct album art showing up correctly.

Let me tell you, iTunes’ album management system can be a huge pain in the ass. Sometimes shit goes wrong, and all album images you were editing at the time go corrupt. Have fun re-adding all those songs, motherfucker.

Also should be noted that I’m pretty close to finishing my first project for my job (website coding). Hopefully that’ll rack up enough experience to get me out of this damned Unsavvy Codegirl rung. It’s the darnest thing, really.

I think I should start behind-the-scenes work on the blog soon. Birthday’s coming up, got big stuff planned!
~ Fang


  • 17/12/2011 (7:27 AM)

    It’s not that big of an issue for me because I’m really picky with my music.

    I add like, 1 song every other month.

  • 17/12/2011 (5:30 AM)

    I’ve always needed to update my iTunes, because I still have some music that I listened to in 6th grade. But I’ve somehow managed to put it off, simply because I don’t want to do any work. I really do admire your determination.

    Happy early birthday, and good luck on your project!

  • 17/12/2011 (4:28 AM)

    wouldn’t know anything about iTunes. haha. although good job on nearly getting your first project done and i can’t wait to see all the stuff you have in store for this blog. :D

  • 17/12/2011 (3:44 AM)

    I just stream Pandora ’cause I’m lazy.

  • 17/12/2011 (2:21 AM)

    I just add music, damned if it doesn’t have the artwork, that’s what the CD case is for. As for tags, people really do that stuff? Huh. Anyway, good luck with the coding stuff. Hopefully you will take a lot of experience from this.

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