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It’s that time of time again, Humble has brought forth a new Indie Bundle! Huzzah!

So what wondrous miracles does it contain this time? Let me tell you.

Highlight of the Bundle: Super Meat Boy! The super-popular meaty platform game has found its way into the Humble Indie Bundle 4, so now it’s yours to get for a price you set yourself! You’ve probably heard about it by now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for most of your time. If you haven’t already, go play the flash games, and buy the new Bundle. It’s well worth your money, trust me!

I’m also very happy to see Bit.Trip Runner making its way into this Bundle. I have the Bit.Trip collection on my Wii, and it’s absolutely fabulous! Even if you don’t slightly have a thing for its semi-8-bit glory, it’s still a really good game! Again, well worth your money, however much you spend on it.

You also get Jamestown, which looks really cool, Shank, and NightSky HD, which is a physics-platform-puzzler. You can never go wrong with those.

On top of that, if you pay more than the average, you get Gratuitous Space Battles which seems rather awesome, and… drumrolls please. Cave Story+!
Cave Story+ is, from what I understand, basically an upgraded version of the oh so nostalgic Cave Story. I haven’t played it much myself, but damn do I wish it was part of my childhood memories!

As a cool and karma-positive bonus, you can select any amount of your purchase price to go to charity. Child’s Play Charity, as usual, but this time the American Red Cross has joined in, too. Do something good with your money, buy a Humble bundle and support charity!

If you haven’t hauled ass over to their site and bought the new Bundle yet, this video should push you to do so. If it doesn’t, something is seriously wrong with you.

What are you still doing here? And why is there still money in your wallet? Even that single penny is enough, you’d better use it!
~ Fang


  • 14/12/2011 (8:52 PM)

    I must be living under a rock, but it does look like fun.

  • 14/12/2011 (12:24 PM)

    I don’t like indie games that much, unless they are japanese indie games.

  • 14/12/2011 (4:15 AM)

    I already own half those games so only Cavestory really appeals to me. Tempted to get it.

  • Jay
    14/12/2011 (1:34 AM)

    i might get this, thanks. :D

  • 14/12/2011 (12:48 AM)


  • 14/12/2011 (12:02 AM)

    I really love the humble bundles. They’re a great cause and the people behind them just seem so awesome.

  • 13/12/2011 (10:51 PM)

    But I’m still playing through the games on the last bundle…

  • 13/12/2011 (10:44 PM)

    Great idea! Great games! (I like living under a rock!)

  • GT
    13/12/2011 (9:29 PM)

    I want this!;O

  • R
    13/12/2011 (9:16 PM)

    Looks like fun!

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