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Uwaah, finally! Christmas break!

Prom last night was just too awesome for words, I can’t even begin to describe it! Even though a lot of people left before the ending even came close, we still had a hell of a great time. But hot damn, dancing and going all wild in a suit really isn’t that comfortable. Kind of like a handy-dandy oven covering you. Gratuitous amounts of sweat included.

Oh and that friend of who I was curious what he’d come up with (the grammar here is nowhere to be found)? He came in a kilt. You know, those traditional Scottish skirts. All of my respect (and laughter) to him for actually going through with that. Freaking genius!

But bluh, another party tonight. Don’t know if my body will be able to handle this much, hehe. Welp, I’ll try my best to stay awake. That won’t be a problem once we’ve got a nice atmosphere going though. (Is that even a proper English sentence? Geez, I suck at this tonight.)

See you guys tomorrow!
~ Fang


  • 25/12/2011 (5:00 PM)

    I never attended any of prom or Christmas parties during my school life so I can’t really relate. I prefer playing games at home or watching TV.

  • 24/12/2011 (2:48 AM)

    Kilts are the best

  • Jay
    24/12/2011 (2:21 AM)

    have a great one! :D

  • 24/12/2011 (12:55 AM)

    Glad you had fun :)

  • 23/12/2011 (8:18 PM)

    I think that is a proper sentence there. A kilt is brave, but it’s only truly brave if he goes “True Scotsman” and has nothing on under it. If he dad that he has all my respect.

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