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Alien abduction during an acid trip in the Mojave desert

You may have noticed that a few of the more recent posts (or those soon to come) have been rather hastily put together.

My apologies for that, but I have a legitimate reason for such behaviour. There’s this deadline coming up pretty soon for a project for my job, and the next few days are already rather packed, so I’m working full shifts (so to speak, I don’t really have shifts) to get this done in time. Ran into quite a few problems, but they oughta be fixed now.

So yeah, cut me some slack. I’ve been keeping up the post-a-day thing for almost an entire year now, so I guess I am allowed to post a bit less high-grade content sometimes. Not that I don’t enjoy it though. I like venting here every now and then, or informing you about something cool. High-quality content just looks better and stuff, that’s all.

Have you been busy lately? Christmas break coming up?
~ Fang


  • 23/12/2011 (12:56 AM)

    At least you’re still trying to post. I usually take a day or two before writing a new entry.

  • 22/12/2011 (5:00 PM)

    you can do whatever you want. haha. i am in no position to say anything against you since i can barely keep posting without having an at least three day gap. :/
    hope you meet that deadline!

  • 21/12/2011 (3:51 PM)

    Everyone has been somewhat slackin as of late; oh the joys of the holidays…

  • Jay
    21/12/2011 (9:48 AM)

    too busy, i haven’t been visiting blogs like before… :(

  • 21/12/2011 (9:46 AM)

    Me thinks you created a false controversy just to post this >_>

  • 21/12/2011 (9:25 AM)

    That’s fine, I had some hastily composed posts too when I was busy. :P

  • 21/12/2011 (8:43 AM)

    A whole year is a pretty good accomplishment! You deserve a break!

  • 21/12/2011 (2:42 AM)

    No apologies necessary! Tis the season after all.

  • 21/12/2011 (2:37 AM)

    Hope you meet your deadline :)

  • 20/12/2011 (10:11 PM)

    You do deserve to put some hastily put together content up there. If I had more to do I would probably be doing the same (if I’m not already that is). Good luck getting everything done in time man. I haven’t been that busy myself, and being unemployed I don’t really need a break. Well, that is if you don’t count blogging, in which case I got no Christmas break.

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