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Let’s be fair here: a lot of you commented on yesterday’s post that 2011 was a pretty shitty year. But why was it? And was it really?

And don’t we all say this every single year? “Yeah, this year was shit, next year better be better!” Come on guys, at least one cool thing must’ve happened? If your year passed without you doing anything fun, you really haven’t put enough effort into living. (Or your situation sucks big-time, sorry if that’s the case.)

So tell me guys, what was 2011’s biggest disappointment, the biggest downfall? Did you recover yet? How bad was it?

Can’t have a 2011 post with only pros, so I’ll include some of the “best” ones in my 2011’s Closing post December 31st. If you haven’t already leave a good thing about 2011 on yesterday’s post. Best one of those will be featured, too!

See y’all,
~ Fang


  • 31/12/2011 (3:04 PM)

    Worst thing by far? Joining Facebook :C

  • 30/12/2011 (7:29 PM)

    Psh yea I agree with SHaw that game wasn’t anything like what it could have been

  • 30/12/2011 (6:47 PM)

    For me, this year was quite decent but nothing really mind-breaking or exciting really happened. Kinda hated Capcom for cancelling Megaman Legends 3 though.

  • 30/12/2011 (9:09 AM)

    I think the most disappointing thing about 2011 was Duke Nukem Forever

  • 30/12/2011 (6:59 AM)

    Every year has its moments. I still think that 2010 was terrible however. :P

  • 30/12/2011 (3:25 AM)

    nice post :P

  • 30/12/2011 (3:11 AM)

    I’m disappointed that I didn’t get raptured, even though Harold Camping promised me I would! But I still have the 2012 apocalypse to look forward to, so it’s not all bad. =D

  • Anonymous
    29/12/2011 (11:10 PM)

    A nigger stole my bike

  • 29/12/2011 (9:29 PM)

    A good thing about 2011? Well I suppose there has to be some. Blogging, like I mentioned before, but also because it put in touch with so many new people. Like you for starters. The creation of MLP:FiM was pretty good too, and my discovery of it of course. I just wish I could let people know I like it.

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