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Trauma Center

I‘m talking about the game series for DS and Wii. SO DAMN AWESOME.

You follow the life of a doctor, and do various operations yourself. It starts out fairly simple, removing tumors, fixing shattered bones, etcetera. Soon, however, you realise you have a lot of potential for the Healing Touch, and a bit later medical terrorisme kicks in.

The operations are very interesting to do. Realistic? Not really. You have access to some antibiotic gel that instantly cures small wounds, suturing doesn’t have to be very accurate, and you inject the patient with stuff to keep his heart-rate up.
Very, very awesome and fun to do nonetheless!

I do recommend you check it out. Great plot and everything.

That’s all there really is to say on the matter.
~ Fang


  • 29/11/2011 (5:21 PM)

    I’ve played the Second Opinion one. (I think that’s the name of the DS remake on wii)

    Yeah I’m still around, I just don’t know what to write yet.

  • 27/11/2011 (8:52 AM)

    Don’t forget drawing satanic pentagrams to slow down time! (At least I think that was a feature, it has been awhile)

  • 26/11/2011 (7:31 PM)

    Yeah, I love that game. It really sucks that I don’t have my own Wii to finish it though. I just borrow one from my cousin when she’s not using it or out of town.

  • 26/11/2011 (5:25 PM)

    Those games are great, nintendo have an special touch for this stuff.

  • 25/11/2011 (10:15 PM)

    My brother does have a copy of the one for the Wii, and I might give it a shot later now.

  • 25/11/2011 (9:28 PM)

    I never knew there was a medical series for DS/Wii, that’s pretty awesome. Hopefully it will inspire a lot of kids to want to be doctors.

  • 25/11/2011 (8:53 PM)

    sounds pretty cool. im glad its not too realistic though…that would take half the fun out of it imo

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