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First time IN MY LIFE seriously playing a trading card game. And it was PRETTY DAMN SWEET.

Don’t mind us, bunch of 17, 18, 21 year-olds playing “a children’s card game”. We had a hell of a time, and I didn’t suck as much as you would expect from a first-time player.

Really, though, I kind of want to get into this. Problem is I have no starting deck, and don’t want to buy one, and I have no playbuddies to play with. I’m not talking about just Yu-Gi-Oh here, but count Pokemon in too.
This is what I’ve been missing out on as a kid, and I feel like I’ve missed so damn much.

Also I sent a creepy call-my-or-I-kill-your-girlfriend voicemail to one of my friends today. Had the computer tell the message so he couldn’t recognise my voice.
…this is in no way relevant to today’s post.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow, then!
~ Fang


  • 14/11/2011 (3:51 PM)

    i’ve never played Yu-Gi-Oh. :(

  • 10/11/2011 (2:43 AM)

    LOL I need to do that call sometime. A good way is to just emulate the games, there’s a lot of yugioh games out there for the GBA and there was even a Pokemon trading card game out there for it. Or the Colour. Either way it’ll work on a GBA emulator. You lose the human element, which does kinda take some of the fun away, though.

  • 07/11/2011 (10:50 PM)

    I feel like I’d be bad at structuring decks and also I would get OCD because COLLECT ALL THE CARDS. So I never got into TCG.

    It would be pretty sweet to train under a master though. Kids’ games my ass, that stuff is at pro level.

  • 07/11/2011 (8:34 PM)

    Is that an Anime or an manga?

  • 07/11/2011 (8:12 PM)

    I never played it, but it looks crappy imho xD

  • 07/11/2011 (8:12 PM)

    I used to play this game back in college. I was playing with highschool students and some gradeschool kids. What I like about this game is that age doesn’t really matter.

  • 07/11/2011 (7:11 PM)

    Hmm, i’ve never explored the world of Yu-Gi-Oh before, although I do enjoy card games.

  • R
    07/11/2011 (6:23 PM)

    Yu-Gi-Oh I played the last time when I was 8.:D

  • 07/11/2011 (12:08 PM)

    I never played Yu Gi Oh, the closest I got to it was the parody of the anime, forgot what it was called though.

  • 07/11/2011 (3:21 AM)

    Creepy kill your girlfriend messages are the best. I miss TGC games, they were so fun when there were actually people to play with.

  • Jay
    07/11/2011 (1:51 AM)

    oh, Yu-Gi-Oh… I nostalgiad…

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