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Namely the magical lands of Super Smash Brother Brawl and more Yu-Gi-Oh Card Gaming.

We also co-opped MarioKart Wii against a bunch of people. In the game it looked like we were constantly running fifth or sixths place, but when finished it said we came in first and second by A LOT. Were the other players just lagging terrible or what? Meh, we kicked their asses anyway.

SSBB is damn awesome, too. Really need some practice with different characters, though. Kirby is the only one I can handle right now (though he’s a lot of fun to play, mainly due to the hats).

Yeah, yeah, I’ll throw up friend codes in a while, maybe. Give me yours, or at least give me aheads up if you’re interested in playing with/against me!

With Yu-Gi-Oh I got my ass handed to me on a silver plate the first round, but made a major comeback during the second. BAM Trap Hole, BAM Fissure, BAM Change of Heart and BAM all his defences gone. Finished him off pretty quickly, he said I did well. Hurray!

Open-house day for a school tomorrow, should be interesting.
~ Fang


  • 19/11/2011 (10:13 PM)

    Wait! Isn’t Changed of Heart banned or something? I’m pretty sure that card is on the same level as Monster Reborn and Raigeki hence banned.

  • 19/11/2011 (3:24 PM)

    I love the N64 one, the first, I never got the feeling in the wii or cube, maybe because wasn’t my console or something but I can perfectly remember how many hours I spend at super smash bros and is still fun, objects very high, no heal items, go!

  • 19/11/2011 (3:21 AM)

    SSBB is so much fun, especially in a large group.

  • Jay
    19/11/2011 (1:45 AM)

    Yugioh! :D

  • 19/11/2011 (12:24 AM)

    lol I don’t know where my brothers copy of Brawl has vanished too or I’d be getting my ass kicked by you on there. Yu-Gi-Oh is good when you’re ahead, but it’s insane to try and mount a comeback, you did do good.

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