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Really Stupid Injury

I knew something awesome to post about, and then I forgot. I remembered, but forgot again. So here, have this interesting tidbit instead.

A really good friend of mine is planning on studying some video-dev-related study for college next year, but she needs a portfolio they can check to make sure she has some skills and motivation and whatnot. But alas, she does not yet have any such thing as a portfolio, so here she is scrambling around, looking for ideas and people to act in those short films.

I was one of the lucky people to get elected, and given a role in one (probably more) of her short films. (Actually no I was one of the few –if not the only one– volunteering, so she didn’t really have much choice.) Soon you’ll be able to see me be awesome on a big screen, and all that good stuff.

…I just hopes she gets accepted into college.
~ Fang

note: Last day of November, and we’ve still got less views than during October! OH HELL NO

Ever have those moments that put you to think that maybe, just maybe, the world really revolves around you?

During dinner today, my dad jokingly called my mom his “living-room-elephant” (we were having a discussion about nicknames or whatever). Now I head onto Twitter, and what is in the trending topics? “Elephant in the Room”! Like hurr, what just happened there.

Actually that’s quite a bit of a shitty example, but hey, you get the picture.

So what now? I’m starting to think there is a very distinct possibility that I subconsciously control this world, or made it even. And that you’ll all react “but I have free will blah blah” because I expect you to.

I’m going megalomaniac here.
~ Fang

I mean look at this shit it’s ridiculous.

That is, in fact, a fully functional Tron-style bike, that you’re legally allowed to drive on actual roads. Imagine riding that like a badass during nighttime. Yeah. Now imagine you paying 55-thousand Dollars for that thing. Yeah, thought so.

This Is Why I’m Broke is a great site for all kinds of awesome things for you to waste your money on. Beware, though, you’ll be spending everything you own within a few minutes. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

~ Fang

Mine does it.

Nothing special, really. Some value rounding errors, I suppose.
Got this little program that generates possible strings that, when encrypted, results in (at least partly) a string you specified. Apparently the program uses any processing power that isn’t in use, so it’s kind of making my computer go wild. WOO THE FAN IS MAKING IT FLY LIKE A HELICOPTER! It’s making a hell lot of noise now, bluh.

Physics test tomorrow, we’ll see how that goes. Won’t be too hard, I expect.
~ Fang

Here, check this shit out.

Can’t see anything? Press CRTL+A or CMD+A. That’s right, it’s a clock counting down. To Somewhere December 6th. What could it possibly mean?

I’m amused by this, actually. Curious as to what kind of hype this’ll start. Also curious as to what’ll happen when it reaches zero. Guess we’ve got something new to look forward to.

And if something special happens then, remember: you heard it first from Fang!
~ Fang