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Test week 5/7

Mathematical problems everywhere!

Test was quite a bit harder than I had expected, actually. Tried something here, something there, and I sort of managed… I hope.

Got two oral activities tomorrow. OH BOY.
Some people insisted we fully write everything out beforehand. I’m struggling to put it all to keywords now. Ugh, SO MUCH WORK.

Also, NaNoWriMo starts in a bit more than three hours, my time. It has already started for the earlier time-zones. Any of you guys participating in the kick-off sprints?
If I didn’t have school tomorrow I’d stay up all night pulling my first few WriMo sprints. But alas, that’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.

In the mean time, anyone got a good name for the first main character? Male, 17, good with computers, not too many friends (almost none actually), bit of a loner.
Best name will be used in the story and get a small shout-out. Come up with something good! (You have to top a name I already got from someone, though. Give it your best!)

So, let me hear your cool names. First and last name, please.
I’ll see you guys tomorrow with either the last test week update or the first few paragraphs of my WriMo novel.
~ Fang


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