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Test week 4/7

Physics: best test of the week.

But first, computer science.
Vague test about a vague subject. It went vaguely.
Nothing too hard, though, went well enough.

Physics was so damn awesome. I didn’t ace it, sure, but let me tell you this:
It wasn’t long into the first 45 minutes of the test before the person behind me started packing his stuff and wanted to leave. Teacher told him to wait ’til the first 45 minutes had passed. He did, then left. When the teacher asked him how it went, he replied: “I’ll re-do this one, it isn’t going to work out today.” What followed was a bit of laughter in the classroom, but also lots of mumbling about how damn hard the test was.
More and more people left saying they’ll probably have to re-do it. I was sitting there, chilling out with my good friends test and answers, being all like “What are you all bitching about? It’s totally not that hard.”
Okay, okay, I ballsed up here and there, but it went pretty smoothly nonetheless. Would be pretty fucking boss if I got the highest score on a test for once.

So now everyone’s all sad like “shitty test” and I’m keeping my shit on the handle because I actually think I did pretty well.

On a completely unrelated but still very, very awesome note, I got someone to read Homestuck. She thinks it’s hilarious. I have now fulfilled my life goal. I can die in peace.
I’m re-reading Homestuck with her, sort of. Planned to do it anyway, seeing as how THREE MORE WEEKS OF WAITING. Hussie should man the fuck up and give us what we want without more waiting. He’s killing the fanbase, man.
But I’m noticing so many tiny things I didn’t notice before. Hilarious, intriguing, and buckets full of nothing but respect for Hussie for intertwining late-plot things into early-plot components. He’s the God of plot-lines.

Going to fiddle some stuff into my iTunes now. TAGGING AHOY!
~ Fang


  • 30/10/2011 (6:50 AM)

    i can almost imagine you sitting there in your classroom being all smug. haha.

  • 29/10/2011 (11:21 PM)

    You sure like your tests!

  • 29/10/2011 (7:29 PM)

    good job

  • 29/10/2011 (5:46 PM)

    You should go party now…

  • 29/10/2011 (2:18 PM)


  • R
    29/10/2011 (1:07 PM)

    Well done test!
    Great blog.

  • 29/10/2011 (12:52 PM)

    Physics is awesome, man :D I almost had a chance on attending a lecture by Stephen Hawking last week :/.

  • 29/10/2011 (2:15 AM)

    That is a badass test. I wish I had the balls to walk out of a test and say I was just going to redo it.

  • 29/10/2011 (1:42 AM)


  • Jay
    29/10/2011 (12:32 AM)

    well done. :)

  • 28/10/2011 (11:10 PM)

    Best test?
    Can you even have good test?

  • 28/10/2011 (8:42 PM)

    Cool, those are some weird subjects you got. Humanities/language students don’t touch them with tongs.

    Hussie da swag maaaan

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