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Yesterday we covered spring and summer, so obviously these two follow today!

Ah, autumn. I love autumn. It isn’t as sweaty hot as summer, and not as freezing cold as winter can be (and you don’t have to stay in said cold for hours because the trains/busses aren’t going on time because of the snow). Autumn, late-autumn is my favourite season. It’s neutral on almost all aspects. I love neutrality. There’s a lot less pollen in the air than during spring and summer, too.

My relationship with winter is… complicated.
I’m fine with the cold, really. I can withstand a bit of cold, and snow is always fun. HOWEVER, those circumstances also have a terrible downside: they mess with the public transport. Trains and busses don’t ride on time due to heavy snowfall or slippery roads. Winter 2009, we had to cancel a meeting because of this. And I was so looking forward to it. :(
Snow is fun to play around with, though. Making iglo’s is a fun activity for winter-time. Not to mention Christmas is during winter!

That concludes this short season about seasons. *ahum*
Hope you enjoyed, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

~ Fang


  • 04/10/2011 (6:40 AM)

    i am allergic to cold. seriously. whenever i step into an ice skating rink or climb a high mountain where the winds are biting cold, i get this weird allergic reaction. :(

  • 03/10/2011 (7:43 PM)

    I love summer. (spring is great too)

  • 03/10/2011 (3:23 PM)

    I share your oppinions, man :) Autumn is the best.

  • 03/10/2011 (2:45 PM)

    Autumn is meh because classes are starting again but winter is better even with screwed up public transit.

    I can’t stand the heat.

  • 03/10/2011 (8:46 AM)

    I would like to experience winter even just once but that would require me to go to foreign countries.

  • 02/10/2011 (9:07 PM)

    I already made my feelings on the months clear last time ^^ Snow can mess with transport, but this can have positive effects as well as negative, such as schools being closed lol. Though that’s only appealing when you yourself are a student.

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