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Today I’ve spent approximately 3 1/4 hours at school studying chemistry, and I’m still going here at home.
Yeah, I’m that stressed about it.

Really, though, I think I got this.
Calculating stuff with the pH of an acid or base, or calculating it from stuff? Check.
Working with the equilibrium constant? Yeah, check that too.
Calculating the needed amount of a substance to bring the pH of a fluid down to a certain level? Check-i-toh!
Basic acid-base reactions, and how to know what they’ll do? QUADRUPLE-CHECK-COMBO!

In case you’re at my school, taking the same tests at me, reading this, and thinking what the fuck is he talking about, then you’re in some pretty deep shit. That’s going to be an all-nighter!

First two days of the test week are the shittiest amongst shitty days. Chemistry tomorrow, biology thursday. FUCKING GREAT, COULDN’T BE BETTER.

I’m excited, you say? Neh, not really. Thing is, I WATCHED THE NEW HOMESTUCK EOA AND IT’S SO EPIC! And that soundtrack, too. Geez, composer’s a God.

See you guys tomorrow (if I survive)!
~ Fang


  • 26/10/2011 (5:58 PM)

    good luck on your tests!

  • 26/10/2011 (11:26 AM)

    I wish you the best luck!

  • 26/10/2011 (8:20 AM)

    I never have to take another science class in my life :D

  • 26/10/2011 (6:13 AM)

    good luck on your tests

  • 26/10/2011 (4:47 AM)

    well, i don’t go to your school, but i know what you’re talking about. bleh.
    i feel for you, dude. hope you make it through. :)

  • 26/10/2011 (1:09 AM)

    Hahaha chemistry hates me and I hate it too.

  • Jay
    26/10/2011 (12:22 AM)

    ahh…. chemistry…. that periodic table was hell for me. :(

  • 25/10/2011 (11:35 PM)

    Chemistry was always a big time investment for me when I was in school.

  • 25/10/2011 (10:21 PM)

    Good luck with the science tests!

  • 25/10/2011 (9:18 PM)

    Well, I feel stupid. I have no idea what you were just talking about.

  • 25/10/2011 (9:10 PM)

    Good luck surviving lol. Ahh sweet sweet acids. Try to resist the urge to throw it at other people.

  • 25/10/2011 (9:06 PM)

    Nice approximation, dude.

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