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07 10 11

Great, now what?

Another post of me ranting on my own bad habits? Yeah. It keeps happening.

I’ve skipped this weeks Minecraft Adventurecraft and Wrong World Wednesday. How’s that for a fucked up week? Yeah, pretty shitty.

No big deal, though, nobody reads those lengthy motherfuckers anyway. Or do you? Instant awesome points if you do. Free high-fives, too.
Did you miss them? Did it make you sad not to see them this week? Tell me!

Why am I cursing to much? I just watched a few episodes of Epic Meal Time. Shit’s giving me diabetes just by looking at it.
But this is no post about those douchebags. This is a post about the doucebag writing this post right now. Or, a few minutes/hours/days ago depending on when you read it.

Star Trek remake is on the telly, so I’ll be out.

Enjoy the start of the weekend,
~ Fang


  • 14/10/2011 (3:02 PM)

    i actually read them. haha. i don’t really mind if you post them or not, but when you do, i read them. also, every time i watch epic meal time, i get litle mini heart attacks inside. although i will not lie, there have been one or two creations of their’s that i’ve wanted to try. haha.

  • 08/10/2011 (2:29 PM)

    I wanna feel american

  • 08/10/2011 (11:43 AM)

    Dude, Epic Meal time is amazing. Everytime I watch it I feel very American.

  • 08/10/2011 (7:37 AM)

    I can’t really say I missed them because I never played Minecraft myself but you should always write for yourself, about things you enjoy, so you shouldn’t worry about that stuff.

  • Bob
    08/10/2011 (2:40 AM)

    I like turtles

  • 08/10/2011 (12:12 AM)

    Epic Meal Time? Never seen it. And happy weekend to you, bub.

  • 07/10/2011 (9:51 PM)

    LOL Yes I missed Minecraft and W3, I read them both, and haven’t seen a W3 in ages.

  • 07/10/2011 (9:29 PM)

    EMT, ah, everytime I watch that I become twice as motivated for a whole week. I read lenghty posts if I’m in the mood and have enough time – I don’t always do though, I get no high fives, do I?..

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