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31 10 11

Test week 5/7

Mathematical problems everywhere!

Test was quite a bit harder than I had expected, actually. Tried something here, something there, and I sort of managed… I hope.

Got two oral activities tomorrow. OH BOY.
Some people insisted we fully write everything out beforehand. I’m struggling to put it all to keywords now. Ugh, SO MUCH WORK.

Also, NaNoWriMo starts in a bit more than three hours, my time. It has already started for the earlier time-zones. Any of you guys participating in the kick-off sprints?
If I didn’t have school tomorrow I’d stay up all night pulling my first few WriMo sprints. But alas, that’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow.

In the mean time, anyone got a good name for the first main character? Male, 17, good with computers, not too many friends (almost none actually), bit of a loner.
Best name will be used in the story and get a small shout-out. Come up with something good! (You have to top a name I already got from someone, though. Give it your best!)

So, let me hear your cool names. First and last name, please.
I’ll see you guys tomorrow with either the last test week update or the first few paragraphs of my WriMo novel.
~ Fang

30 10 11

Say NO to ACTA

Here, watch this. Watch this, learn, and defend your rights.

Also re:comments on yesterday’s post: yes, my NaNoWriMo entry will be periodically posted here along with word count (also because I need reader input from time to time). Look forward to it.

Maths test tomorrow. Oh boy.
~ Fang

29 10 11

NaNoWriMo 2011

The National Novel Writing Months, or NaNoWriMo for short, is coming up!

Let me give you a quick rundown of what all this is about.
Starting November 1st, you get exactly one months to write a novel of 50.000 words or more. Write that much within the aforementioned timespan, and a winner is you!

Some friends of mine participated before, and it got me interested. Sadly, I haven’t heard them about it yet, so I fear they will not be participating.

This is a pretty big challenge for me, seeing as how I do not have a single preplanned storyline in my head right now.
I don’t know what I’ll be doing. Wether I’ll be going with Beasts (which I actually planned on restarting anyway, due to very, very shitty character building) or that I will do a Homestuck-esque written story. The latter will require reader input every now and then, and may or may not be written in second person. The reader input makes it a lot more interesting for you guys, too.

So I was wondering, will any of you be participating? WE COULD BECOME WRITEBUDDIES!
~ Fang

28 10 11

Test week 4/7

Physics: best test of the week.

But first, computer science.
Vague test about a vague subject. It went vaguely.
Nothing too hard, though, went well enough.

Physics was so damn awesome. I didn’t ace it, sure, but let me tell you this:
It wasn’t long into the first 45 minutes of the test before the person behind me started packing his stuff and wanted to leave. Teacher told him to wait ’til the first 45 minutes had passed. He did, then left. When the teacher asked him how it went, he replied: “I’ll re-do this one, it isn’t going to work out today.” What followed was a bit of laughter in the classroom, but also lots of mumbling about how damn hard the test was.
More and more people left saying they’ll probably have to re-do it. I was sitting there, chilling out with my good friends test and answers, being all like “What are you all bitching about? It’s totally not that hard.”
Okay, okay, I ballsed up here and there, but it went pretty smoothly nonetheless. Would be pretty fucking boss if I got the highest score on a test for once.

So now everyone’s all sad like “shitty test” and I’m keeping my shit on the handle because I actually think I did pretty well.

On a completely unrelated but still very, very awesome note, I got someone to read Homestuck. She thinks it’s hilarious. I have now fulfilled my life goal. I can die in peace.
I’m re-reading Homestuck with her, sort of. Planned to do it anyway, seeing as how THREE MORE WEEKS OF WAITING. Hussie should man the fuck up and give us what we want without more waiting. He’s killing the fanbase, man.
But I’m noticing so many tiny things I didn’t notice before. Hilarious, intriguing, and buckets full of nothing but respect for Hussie for intertwining late-plot things into early-plot components. He’s the God of plot-lines.

Going to fiddle some stuff into my iTunes now. TAGGING AHOY!
~ Fang

27 10 11

Test week 2/7

That’s really all there is to say on the matter.

Okay, okay, there’s more. It was a shitty test about a shitty subject (God damned DNA and proteins and weird cellular shit). I suck at cellular-level biology. I don’t know, maybe I just can’t grasp the concepts. Maybe it’s all too abstract, or maybe I’m just a pooplord when it comes to remembering the proper names for everything.

Btw, Homestuck readers who are wondering about Act 6, check Hussie’s blog. It’s on there. All the info. All the dates.
His obsession with numbers is going too far. Too fucking far. Three weeks of hiatus too far.

Got physics and computer science tomorrow.
Physics will probably be an easy one again, unless they pull a fast one on me. Don’t think they’ll do. My body is ready.
Computer science isn’t really computer science. It’s more of a theoretical test about a certain planning/workflow method you may or may not have heard of. Agile Scrum. It’s awesome, and explainable in, say, a few minutes.

We’ll see how that goes.
~ Fang