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As promised yesterday, I’ll write a little bit about why indie developers deserve what they get.

For those of you who’ve been living under a stone for the past couple of years, something indie is in development. An indie developer is someone fresh to the development world, and is working on his/her ideas. This term is most common on the gaming industry, but also appears in the music and product industries.

Indie developers need attention in order to get the word out about their awesome new game. They aren’t huge companies or anything, so they can’t afford a big marketing plan.
They also need all (or at least most of) the money they can get. Starting a business on your own or with a small group is unbelievably hard, so a little financial support can’t help.

Because they don’t have strong marketing plans, or people who have them keep to said plans, they tend to be a bit more loose when it comes to game development. With that comes the fact that they listen to their fanbase better. They listen to them and honestly consider any good ideas they bring up.

Now the graphics of indie games may not be exactly top-notch, but most programmers out there aren’t all that good artists anyway. It comes with time and experience. Besides, you shouldn’t like a game for the graphics, but rather for the gameplay and other important game elements.

Okay, okay, there are indie developers that ask somewhat ridiculously high prices for their games. I kind of hate to see that, games being very expensive. Lower the average game price by, say, 30% and a lot more people will buy games. Still, if it’s a one-man indie-team, and the dude spent over a year making the game, then it is somewhat justifiable.

Always remember, indie developers are your friends. They may be the next Valve or EAG!
~ Fang


  • 03/09/2011 (4:25 AM)

    Sometime’s it’s situational, but for the most part, yeah I agree.

  • 03/09/2011 (2:44 AM)

    I was with you right up until that last sentence. Like you said, indie developers tend to care more, they know they have to do what they can to make ends meet, and to increase the popularity of their stuff. Look at Notch, creator of minecraft, that dude now sleeps on top of a huge pile of money with many beautiful ladies. But that’s what makes them great, I don’t want to be responsible for the next EA :P But nah, indie developers often care more about their product, and their fans, but there are still major companies that do as well. Valve would probably be considered one, they have an awesome fanbase. EA on the other hand are considered, by some, to be the scourge of the gaming world. I don’t agree with that though because they were with Bioware on Dragon Age, and boy I love those games.

  • 02/09/2011 (8:27 PM)

    Indie developers are your POOR friends, usually :) I wish I had some disposable income to give to indies who needed marketing money for a sweet game.

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