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I woke up relatively late the next day. I slept in. I wasted daytime.
Not that it mattered much, I would be doing most work in my mine anyway.

It was a good day for mining, I felt it. By the time it got really dark, I had made very good progress. The shaft went on pretty deep now. I wondered when I’d start hitting lava.
I made a bridge across the shaft. It didn’t serve any real purpose, but looked really cool nonetheless. It then dawned on my that I hadn’t named this mine yet.

The next morning I quickly ate breakfast, and went to work again. The shaft was pretty deep, which gave off a really nice vibe, motivating me to work my ass off again.
However, I quickly stumbled upon something I hadn’t quite expected.

A chest? Buried this deep underground? Hey, it isn’t even locked.

I carefully opened it. Inside were two books (“Research diary” and “Important discoveries”) and an odd, purple-pink stone, radiating energy. I took out the research diary and opened it. “Research log : Philosopher’s Stone : Professor A. Megido”. I guess that makes the purple-pink rock a Philisopher’s Stone, eh? I wonder what I can do with it…

A few minutes later I named the mine “First Shaft: Megiddo”.
~ Fang


  • 20/09/2011 (9:06 PM)

    Give the Philisopher’s Stone to Harry Potter!

  • 20/09/2011 (5:29 PM)

    Are those books/stone from a mod or the new update?

  • 20/09/2011 (3:49 PM)

    Now watch as a creeper destroys your bridge. :(

  • 20/09/2011 (1:46 PM)

    That’s nice, you don’t edit maps, right?

  • 20/09/2011 (4:36 AM)

    not even locked!?

    come up!

  • 20/09/2011 (3:45 AM)

    I enjoyed reading this :D

  • 20/09/2011 (12:37 AM)

    Equivalent Exchange mod!!?? I love it, but it’s broken in 1.8 :(

  • 19/09/2011 (11:08 PM)

    Wow that’s one hell of a hole you’ve dug there.

  • 19/09/2011 (10:52 PM)

    I love the new adventure update!

  • 19/09/2011 (9:42 PM)

    That’s cool. You should name really big mines after girls you know.

  • 19/09/2011 (8:23 PM)

    I haven’t found anything in my mine yet :( But I do have plans to build a bad ass bridge.

  • 19/09/2011 (7:56 PM)

    thanks for the idea! it is a good idea and i may have to try it out and see how it goes!

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