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I keep forgetting what to blog about.

Every now and then I get this awesome idea for a pretty cool blog post, but don’t have a way to write it down real quick. I then think “meh, I’ll remember”, only to forget a few minutes later.
Nowadays my iPod Touch is almost always close by, but it isn’t exactly appropriate to go type something into it when you’re having a really interesting conversation. And sometimes I’m just being an idiot and say “fuck it, I’ll remember”. Bluh, Fang, you idiot.

Any of my fellow bloggers have this problem, too? What’s your solution?

Anyway, there’s an album recommendation coming up tomorrow. Do look forward to it!
~ Fang

(If you noticed the ridiculous amount of times I tried scheduling this post, blame the new Blogger interface for not being able to handle scheduled posts properly.)


  • 06/09/2011 (1:44 PM)

    yes. i did notice all the other “I keep forgetting” posts. haha. my solution? err. i don’t actually have one. i have the same predicament as you do. :|

  • 04/09/2011 (5:45 PM)

    great post

  • 04/09/2011 (4:13 PM)

    Me too dear.Just sit alone close your eyes and listen the surrounding you will get more than you need :)Me too dear.Just sit alone close your eyes and listen the surrounding you will get more than you need :)

  • 04/09/2011 (9:51 AM)

    lol, that happens everytime to every blogger. You’re not the only one for sure. When I started my blog, I wrote a post everyday or even two posts for a day but right now, I’m run out of ideas.

  • 04/09/2011 (5:07 AM)

    I’m rarely in a situation where I can’t write down an idea, but when it’s gone it’s gone.

  • 03/09/2011 (7:48 PM)

    The new interface can’t handle scheduled posts? Feck, I’ll have to play around and get used to it if they make it mandatory. Things to blog about will pop into and out of my head as if they’re alive -_- But usually I retain enough memory to remember what to do. I used to have a little notepad file on my computer for blog ideas, but I only ever used it once actually lol.

  • 03/09/2011 (7:19 PM)

    I consult random deities, and/or my beard for inspiration. if that fails I just get intoxicated.

  • 03/09/2011 (7:13 PM)

    looking forward to the album review.

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