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The original Portal game is currently free on Steam! Go get it quickly, it’ll only be free ’till the 20th September!

This has happened before, and I downloaded it for free back then. HOWEVER, like I said a long time back, my video card is so heavily under par that the game will simply not show me its glory. I’ve raged about this before, and I don’t plan on losing my sanity now, so you’ll be spared, don’t worry.

It’s a real classic, Portal. Great physics-puzzel game. Download it, even if you don’t think you’ll like it. You’ll regret it otherwise.

~ Fang


  • 23/09/2011 (5:01 PM)

    one of my friends told me about this, but then i completely forgot about it and another friend just had to rub it in. :(

  • 19/09/2011 (8:24 PM)

    Tried Portal 2 at my friend’s house and enjoyed it. And now I can play them in order without having to pay double. Thanks, bro.

  • 19/09/2011 (2:15 PM)

    We all love portal! Free Cake but we all know it is a lie….

  • 19/09/2011 (2:07 PM)

    Thanks for the update! Nice blog design also!

  • 19/09/2011 (12:58 PM)

    it was like 32452345 times already available for free

  • 19/09/2011 (12:55 PM)

    I played portal long ago and me and my friends loved it. They both played portal 2 when it was released but I don’t feel like playing it. It’s difficult browsing the Internet everyday and avoid aVoid spoilers…

  • Jay
    19/09/2011 (12:23 AM)

    yay for portal! :D

  • 18/09/2011 (10:09 PM)

    thanks for the info, I would have never known otherwise!

  • 18/09/2011 (9:36 PM)

    Downloaded this and beat it the same day; very fun!

  • 18/09/2011 (8:59 PM)

    I think many people got the free portal by now, it’s good, really good.

  • 18/09/2011 (8:30 PM)

    LOL I got my hands on it already. Really good game.

  • 18/09/2011 (8:03 PM)

    how did you forget when you posted it on my blog days ago, causing me to post about it? lol

  • 18/09/2011 (7:26 PM)

    Portal as absolutely amazing and one of my favorite arguments in the “Games are art” argument.

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