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It's not a bug, it's a feature!

The guys over at Humble Bundle once again present us with a great bundle of indie games!

This time around, you get Frozen Synapse, the already quite popular indie strategy shooter! As a bonus game, TRAUMA is included. It’s sort of like an interactive movie. Very interesting and very pretty.

Pay more than the average amount (currently $4.53), and you get the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle as well! This includes the titles Trine, Shadowgrounds, Jack Claw (prototype) and Splot (preorder).

On top of that, the soundtracks for most of the games are included in the bundle. And trust me, there sure as hell are some sweet soundtracks amongst them!

Go get the bundle right now. Even if it isn’t for the games, have your money go 100% to charity. Have that be your good deed for the day.

On a somewhat related note, check out their sales statistics. See how the Linux average amount if far higher than that of Windows or Mac? Yeah, Linux users are that awesome.

Have a nice Friday, all.
~ Fang

Sadly, there is no day of the week starting with a C.

But yeah, I’m looking for people who want to do a collaborative post with me. Got some serieus shit you want to discuss with me? Cool. Want to have our silly little conversation published on my blog? You’re welcome. Think this place sucks, and it needs some good content? Awesome!

Yes guys, I’m being terribly serious here. I want YOU in my personal army. (For blog post writing purposes only, mind you.)
If you’re interested, think we’d make a great team, then that’s pretty sweet. Leave your email in the comments, stating what you want to do (or leave the email in a separate comment if you don’t want it to be publicly published), and I’ll hit you up.
Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite (yet)!

I’m looking forward to see what goodness comes out of this.

On a more shitty note, summer has finally arrived here, even though it’s strictly speaking autumn already. I hate the heat. I hate the little flies and bugs that get into your room even though your doors and windows are pretty much closed 24/7. Give me autumn or early winter, best times of year. (But more on that later!)

~ Fang

28 09 11


Again, no Wrong World Wednesday. What’s happening?
I’ve got lots of things to rant about, but they aren’t really a world-wide problem, so yeah. I promise I’ll write one next week!

I’ve been doing little tad-bits of work on the new design whilst being constantly busy with school, important emails with important people, and just bumming around. It’s doing fine, sure, but there’s one thing that kind of annoys me.

Your blog’s template is in XML.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this is pretty much necessary to make the template work, but boy oh boy can XML be a pain in the arse. I want to link to my external stylesheet: NOPE. I want to throw in a JavaScript from external source: NOPE. I want to be able to switch styles: NOPE, not really.

I’m not all that familiar with XML yet, so that’s probably where things go wrong, but still, it’s not going easy on me.
Guess I should really focus on finishing the good and proper design before moving onto backstage stuff, though.

That’s all I really have to say on the matter. If any of you are real good with XML, and have some tips to share, post them in the comments and I’ll love you for ever and ever and ever!
~ Fang

Rough guess: I spend twenty to thirty minutes in the shower.

Two to five of those will be spent actually washing my body.
The remaining eighteen to twenty-five are spent thinking about deep things.
True story.

No, really, I get most of my brilliant ideas when I’m in the shower. Got quite a few yesterday evening (some also regarding the new blog layout), and couldn’t keep track of all of them in my head. Got out of the shower, quickly dried myself off, and then ran to the living room, towel around my waist, to get pen and paper and jot some things down.
I am brilliance.

For now, I’ve made the test blog private so as to keep the next few updates secret ’till it goes into a sort of public beta.
(Spoiler: We’ll have slogans! Say something funny or cool, you may just be responsible for one of them!)
(But I still have no idea as to how I’ll be positioning those…)

I’m still kind of fighting with myself over the perfect color palette. Wether to work with a straight colour-to-white palette or not…

But that’s all you’ll be hearing about it for now!
~ Fang

(From here on I’ll be playing with the Equivalent Exchange mod installed. Do note that I have not yet upgraded to 1.8+, because I’m lazy like that.)

It was a pretty sleepless night. Not only was I very excited about what I had found, I spent most of the night in bed with the Research Diary. If I understood correctly, this Philosopher’s Stone has the power to turn lots of stuff into a small amount of more valuable stuff. Sort of like making gold out of lead, right?

The next morning I got up rather early, and started experimenting right away. I put the Philosopher’s Stone in the middle of the table, and surrounded it with rocks (I was swimming in rocks, really). As soon as I finished the eight-rock circle around it, the whole lot started glowing. It turned white, got drawn towards the Philosopher’s Stone, and merged into a much smaller lump.
After the glow faded away, I got closer and took a good look. The rocks had turned into a small lump of red ore! …but I have no idea what the hell this is.

I repeated the process until I got myself enough red ore to form a nice circle again. Again, it transmuted (apparently that’s what the process is called). This time, iron ore came out. I can use this for tools!

This was, of course, a lot of fun. Making high-value things out of rubbish. I made gold out of iron, and four diamonds came out of that. Diamonds! DIAMONDS!
I contemplated on what to do with them for a while, and then decided I had best make a pickaxe out of them. I still had a lot of digging to do in my mine after this. I put the last diamond in a special chest. “Transmutations”.

~ Fang