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Hello and welcome to the first in a world-changing series: Wrong World Wednesdays. On these special Wednesdays, we take a look at what is wrong with the world and modern-day society. Todays topic of terrible failure is peer pressure.

peer pressure [peer pres·sure]
influence from members of one’s peer group

Pffft, being easily influenced by others. A weakness, I’d say. An excuse to do stupid things, even. The people who give in to peer pressure are often the ones that feel socially insecure, and/or want to prove they are part of the group, be cool, and all that nonsense. Why would you do something you don’t even want to do?

That isn’t the real problem, though. The real problem is that this can lead people to doing “very bad things” such as stealing something from a shop, or even physically attacking someone.

‘But Fang, everyone’s doing it! Why shouldn’t I too?’
Well, if you actually want to do that, or don’t mind doing so (and are aware of possible consequences), then be my guest, go ahead, do it! If you don’t want to do it, though, don’t give in to peer pressure.
If you feel like you can’t handle one more beer, and your friends insist you have another one, don’t try to handle that beer. For all you know you’ll end up with six extra beers down your food-chute, which will, in half an hour, be vomited all over the girl you like.
It’s a bit of a weird example, but hey, whatever.

Even if you feel like you’re not part of the group, giving in to your “friends”‘ demands doesn’t make you any better. if they can’t live with you when you don’t do their silly antics, ditch them, they’re not worth it.

I feel like that’ll suffice for a first WWW post. Hope you all learned something valuable!
~ Fang


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