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Length doesn't matter when you're horizontal!

(It’s not named a Minecraft Monday, but trust me, it is.)

I woke up to the sound of waves.
Wait… waves? Where the fuck am I?

I opened my eyes, stood up, and looked around. I was on a small island, but relatively close to solid land. How… How did I get here?
A terrible headache pounded through my head.

I swam to the nearest body of solid land, and sat down under a tree. Ugh, what happened? I really didn’t have a clue. I couldn’t remember a thing, not even my own name. Guess I don’t need one, though. There’s nobody around to introduce myself to.

After a while of sitting around, trying to remember something, I gave up and started finding a place to stay for the night. Hey, I don’t want to be out in the open when it gets dark. Not in my current situation.

Walked around for a while. Beautiful scenery, but I don’t think that’s what I came for. I found a steep cliff wall, and it occurred to me that it might be smart to just dig a hole in it. The area around it was not very flat and quite bushy, though.
I decided to just hurry up already, flatten the area a bit, and try digging my way inside. I broke some branches off of trees, and used them to make a shovel and a pickaxe. Those really helped.

It was quickly getting dark, so I closed up the entrance with some dirt to make sure no bears would find me and eat me. Hey, you never know.
It was hard to make myself comfortable on a cold, rock-hard floor, but I think I managed to get some sleep. It was a pretty tiring day after all.

~ Fang


  • 25/08/2011 (5:59 PM)

    Nice map

  • 23/08/2011 (5:54 PM)

    Haha, that’s cool!

  • 23/08/2011 (7:36 AM)

    why the graphic is so terrible?

  • 22/08/2011 (9:52 PM)

    Oh snap here come the creepers! I’ve actually never read a story like this, which seems kind of surprising, I bet they are quite common.

  • GT
    22/08/2011 (7:45 PM)

    Interesting info!

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