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Yeah, yeah, it’s that time of your again. Summer is over, so it’s time to go back to school.
Insert lots of sad faces here.

Yeah, school officially starts tomorrow, but we won’t be doing much.
There’s this “fun introductory activity” planned to kickstart us into this school year. With the exams. THE EXAMS, DEAR PEOPLE.
Horror, children crying, heads exploding.

This’ll be my sixth and last year in high-school (the school system here in the Netherlands is different from those in other countries, mind you). After that, I’ll think I’ll probably go study programming, though I’m not too sure yet. Hard, life-changing decisions.
But my interest in programming has grown over the past couple of months, so I think it may just be the right thing to study for me. There’s two schools that teach it pretty close by, so it’s manageable to go there by train every day. Allows me to stay at home for a little longer. Which is nice, because I really don’t have the money to rent me a room or something.

Meh, we’ll see when the time comes. I’ll have to make it through my exams first.
~ Fang


  • 23/08/2011 (2:03 AM)

    Few more weeks left. Still haven’t figured out whether I’m going or working. Getting close…

    Check out my music production blog

  • 22/08/2011 (1:26 PM)

    Ein Informatikstudium? Ich hoffe dein Bundesland verlangt auch keine Studiengebühren.

  • 22/08/2011 (12:40 PM)


  • 22/08/2011 (12:40 PM)

    Hope you last year turns out be the best and successful!

  • 22/08/2011 (8:57 AM)

    I have 3 weeks left of “freedom”

  • Jay
    22/08/2011 (1:08 AM)

    your last year in high school will be the best, so many memories to be had. :D

  • 21/08/2011 (8:47 PM)

    Good Luck!

  • 21/08/2011 (8:05 PM)

    Here the school is almost finishing…that’s mean, summer vacations!!

    i follow you, you follow me

  • GT
    21/08/2011 (7:53 PM)

    School has started here already…:/

  • 21/08/2011 (7:32 PM)

    School doesn’t start here for another few weeks. Good luck on those exams, God it sounds an evil thing to do. Think hard about what you want to study after, or even if you want to study. I thought that I should study computers, because I have a big interest in them, but that interest wasn’t enough.

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