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06 08 11

Humble Bundle

As promised in yesterday’s post, I’ll tell you why the guys at Humble Bundle are doing such a great job.

At their site, you can purchase a Humble Bundle of five games for any given price. They’re currently selling the Humble Indie Bundle 3, but have sold other Bundles in the past.

‘What’s the point in selling games for a price the buyer chooses?’ you may ask. The answer is, especially for indie games, simple: it draws attention and funds.

Of course there will always be those cheap bastards, those who pay a mere penny for the entire bundle. But hey, a thousand of those bastards is already quite a sum of money earned! Besides, there are plenty of people who pay at least five or ten bucks for the bundle.
Nice feature, you yourself can decide how your payment is split across game developers, charity (related to gaming) and a tip for the Humble Bundle people.

As you can see on their site, their Bundles sell really well, with an average payment of five bucks. This amount to a huge amount, and most of that goes to the developers of the games from the Bundles. They’ll use this as funds for bigger projects, which in turn results in even better games.

Some people ask preposterous amounts of money for their games nowadays. I think it’s a nice pace of change to get introduced to a bunch of games and their creators through means of a Humble Bundle.

If you haven’t yet, go purchase your Humble Bundle today, you’ll not regret it!
~ Fang


  • 06/08/2011 (10:50 PM)

    Such a great way to spend money

  • 06/08/2011 (7:58 PM)

    Interesting post!

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