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Double-reverse irony

That’s the actual name of the game, “VVVVVV”. That’s six V’s.

I got VVVVVV with the Humble Indie Bundle 3 I recently purchased for fifteen bucks. And hey lookies, the Humble Indie Bundle 2 came with it for “free”!
But I’ll dedicate tomorrow’s post to the Humble Indie Bundles, and why they rock.

For today, I’ll be telling you about the puzzle action adventure greatness that is VVVVVV.
You’re traveling through space with your five companions when suddenly your ship crashes and you have to make an emergency escape. Sadly, everyone gets teleported to a different location. It’s up to you, the captain, to find everyone and bring them back to the ship!

It sounds and looks like, and the mechanics behind it are surprisingly simple, too. You press an action key (Z, V, or spacebar) to change the direction in which you fall: up or down. There is no jumping or attacking in this game, just changing your “personal gravity”.

It sounds boring, but I tell you, it’s incredibly difficult. The level designs are pure genius, the storyline is pretty decent, and the amount of frustration it induces is just enough to make it unbelievably addictive. There’s also lots of unlockable content and quite a few achievements to keep you busy for a while.

If you haven’t already, go buy it now. Only fifteen bucks. (Or buy it from the Humble Indie Bundle 3 now that it’s still available.)

~ Fang


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