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27 08 11

Eventful weekend

As of the time of posting I’m still at Abunai!

Abunai! is a Dutch anime convention, like Anime.
Not much more to say about it right now, but I bet Im having tons of fun!
I’ll also be meeting up with a long-time friend I met over the internet. We haven’t met in real life before (ugh, this sounds kind of desperate (he’s a cool guy, though)), so I’m pretty excited.

Also, tomorrow is my parent’s marriage anniversary. Married for 25 years already, congrats to them!
As a “fun activity” we’ll be going to a place where you can climb high in the trees, take dangerous drops, and so on. More about that and Abunai! tomorrow.

That should keep you waiting for tomorrow’s post, right?
~ Fang


  • 30/08/2011 (1:57 AM)

    awesome! i hope you have fun at the con.
    and congrats to your parents. wow 25 years is like silver, right? hope you guys have fun at the place where you can climb high trees and take dangerous drops. haha. from experience, that couple of seconds you’re free-falling towards the ground seems like forever and completely exhilarating! :D

  • 28/08/2011 (6:03 PM)

    Guess they have anime cons everywhere

  • 27/08/2011 (7:47 PM)

    How about some photos from the anime convention?

  • 27/08/2011 (2:16 PM)

    Got any nice cosplay photos?

  • 27/08/2011 (12:14 PM)

    lol enjoy the con, and try to remember, just because they look like anime characters doesn’t mean they are them. Early congrats to your parents too, though I’ll probably say it tomorrow as well.

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