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It sounds freaking awesome, and it really would be. Thing is, our TV kind of sucks and moving my computer around is a heck of a job because my monitor is handicapped.

I’ve been working on getting me all the right cables to connect my computer to the television in the living room. This involves a somewhat hard-to-get DVI-video convertor. Took me a while to find the right one. Got it in the mail today, decided to test the setup.

First: getting my MacMini off of its lazy ass. Disconnecting all the cables in the back is doable, even though I have very little room to work with. Then, I have to fidget around in a mess of cables and whatnot to obtain my power adapter. I’ll obviously need that. But my computer is still sitting there, SUPPORTING MY MONITOR. It broke down, and now needs support if I don’t want it to tilt downwards all the time.
Okay, finding replacement: a thick book. Needed some assistance with the switching process, but it worked out. Took my computer and all my cables and stuff, and went over to the living room.

Once there, I connected my computer to a power source, and booted it already. Sure.
Then, the cables. Lucky me, they were just long enough to reach the external input for the TV. As for audio, I connected it to the speakers my dad made a few years back (awesome stuff, trust me).
Configured the TV to show the external input: hurray, we got an image!

However, the image was utter garbage. It handles the pictures just find, but for some reason the text is hardly readable.
Went to my movie player of choice, loaded a random movie. Subtitles appeared a bit garbled, and small, too. But hey, setting the subtitle scale to 150% does the job just fine. Long live softsubs!

Disconnecting it and putting it back into my own setup was the same tedious process, but backwards. Ugh.

That’s quite a lot of shit you all probably didn’t read, though. tl;dr: bluh.
~ Fang


  • 11/08/2011 (12:41 PM)

    uhhh. i don’t think i could ever manage this. sounds horribly complicated.
    *insert crappy joke about women and kitchens and sticking to sandwich-making*

  • Ada
    08/08/2011 (11:01 PM)

    Hah! The commenting thingy worked!

    And yeah, my friend has a bigass TV hooked up to his computer, and it looks ridiculous.

    And your description of the dismantling and setup is pretty hilarious. It sounds like a tower of cards and cables!

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