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Stupid boy!

I bet you can sort of guess what it’s going to be.
Minecraft Mondays!

I’ve recently started playing Minecraft again (bluh bluh mainstream bluh; dude it’s indie), but with the Aether mod. Haven’t even been as far as to visit the Nether yet, but hey, the ide is there.

Wat I’ll be doing for these Minecraft Mondays is the following: as I play, I’ll make small notes of my adventures, some screenshots here and there. Using those, I’ll do some story-writing. That’s right, works of fiction and falsehood. With its roots in my Minecraft playthrough, of course.

If that’s not what you’re interested in, then tough luck, I’ll be doing it anyways. Just once a week, no bi-daily updates or anything.
Even if you aren’t into Minecraft, or haven’t the foggiest as to what it actually is, the I still recommend you go ahead and read the epic tale. Hell, you could interpret it as a completely Minecraft-unrelated story, so I don’t see the problem there.

But bluh, got to get my books for school tomorrow. Vacation ending. So soon. ):
~ Fang


  • 19/08/2011 (12:32 AM)

    lol, if you need a game, why dont play something like Civilization? This game requires more skills and intelligence than the crappy minecraft does.

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