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14 08 11


A fantastic game, and yet another one from the Humble Indie Bundle 3.

It’s a platform puzzler. You get control over time in different forms (using shift to reverse time, or walk left and right to reverse or proceed time respectively). And it’s terribly frustrating.
You are this man, in search of a princess. At the end of each world, you sadly discover that “the Princess is in another castle”. On to the next World you go!

On the way you collect puzzle pieces. And I for the life of me can’t figure out how you’re supposed to get some of those!

The gameplay is extremely addicting, though, and keeps you busy for quite a while. It can be a little frustrating, though, reversing all the time you spent on a level takes all that time to complete. And sometimes you need to do that.

As for those of you who wanted a Humble Bundle, they ended selling today, so you’ll have to wait ’till the next Bundle. Sorry!

~ Fang


  • 16/08/2011 (2:34 PM)

    I’ve heard about Braid, it does look good.

  • 15/08/2011 (7:11 PM)

    When I open the bundle I never know which game to play first!

  • 15/08/2011 (6:23 PM)

    Nice post!

  • Jay
    15/08/2011 (1:42 AM)

    gotta catch that next humble bundle. :)

  • 14/08/2011 (8:25 PM)

    The princess is in another castle? Mario? :D

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