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The answer is sex and money.

Why do people judge each other? You don’t know that dude, so how can you tell he’s a lowlife fucknut?

I’m not really talking about the spontaneous, quick judging. Whenever you see someone, you automatically form an image of that person in your head and assign them qualities. It happens subconsciously, you can’t help it. No problem.
What is a problem, however, is that people make conscious decisions to think that person is (for example) a nerdy loser, and use that as their argument to pick on said person.

Okay, first things first. Why is being a “nerdy loser” a bad thing? he is who he is, come on. And you don’t even know the guy. He may make for a really good friend!
After that, why would you still fuck with that person? Why specifically with him, why not someone else? Why screw people over in the first place? Does it make you feel better about yourself, do you like that feel of power and control over people? If that’s you reading this, you’re a sick fuck.

We’re not even halfway through and I’m already pointing fingers and yelling curses. Great.

Thing is, you can ruin someones life.
When you’re being pressed down early on in your life, this can quite easily lead to a life-long trauma. People are fragile, you see. One little dent in their feelings can cause them to collapse. They’ll truly feel like they’re not worth anything. They’ll either live on, a life of regret, being very anti-social, or they’ll just end it quickly. If that’s you reading this, don’t run. Keep your head up, your time will come.

This, in turn, causes a higher suicide rate which causes the society manpower and blah blah bluh.

Bottom line: don’t judge, don’t hate (too much), and don’t fuck with people’s feelings. Have a terrific day.
~ Fang

I‘m once again posting about my lazy behavior. Deal with it.

I noticed I didn’t do a Wrong World Wednesday last week. Oh boy, what now? I’ll just have to make a really good one tomorrow to make up for it, right? But meh, it isn’t like I planned on doing it every week, anyway.

Also, I haven’t written a single line of code lately. I’ve been too busy with school, too “busy” with school, or too “busy” with other things to put my code-hat on and write some shit.
I have, however, been reading a Web Design magazine. Thanks to mon amie, the unnamed individual, for lending it to me!

I also haven’t been continuing my Minecraft playthrough. I have enough new stuff to post to last another week, but I really have to get going after that.

Bluh. I fail at doing things, but you already knew that.
~ Fang

I woke up quite early in the morning. I think I subconsciously did that, because it isn’t really smart to waste your daylight.

I thought up a quick schedule for the day. I needed to gather more resources, and make this cave I dug out more livable.

After a little while of exploring the area, I found a shallow cave with veins of black stuff running through it. What is that? When I took a closer look it turned out to be coal. Coal! I can get some decent fire going with that. Maybe cook some meat if I can manage to find an unsuspecting animal.
Speaking of animals, I came across a pack of wolves. They didn’t seem too aggressive, and I could tame two with some bones I found laying about. They followed me everywhere after that, and proved to be successful hunters by killing a pig. Ah, it’s nice to have companions.

I returned home with a nice bounty of coal, and a bit more wood, too. I quickly made some more pickaxes with that (the old one wore out rather quickly) and started making my cave more spacey.
When nightfall came, I was well on my way to a proper home. I even made a special room for item storage, in case I want to keep more than I can carry.

The moon started climbing into the sky, so I made myself comfortable in my new bed. An actual bed this time. The wolves gathered around me, and fell asleep.

~ Fang

28 08 11


Which is Japanese for “danger”, by the way. Also commonly used to tell someone to “look out”.

Had a hell of a great time yesterday. Met up with Sky, a long-time internet friend. Sene him in real life for the first time. Great fun, but kind of awkward. Ahwell.
Had to wait in line for the Cosplay Act Compo, it was getting delayed for some reason. Delayed by more than thirty minutes, urgh.
Also, pity we didn’t get to go to the karaoke. We didn’t have much time left to begin with, but the karaoke boot was completely programmed ’till half past eleven. We were already gone by then.

But hot damn, there were quite a lot of Homestuck cosplayers. Didn’t expect that, to be honest. AWESOME STUFF.
I also saw Terezi, Equius and Vriska, but didn’t get the chance to take their picture. Also heard there was a Dave running around, but didn’t see him. :C

We were supposed to go to that forest climbing thingy today, to celebrate my parent’s marriage 25th anniversary, but the weather was acting up. Instead we went out for dinner, ate pizza at Di Mama. Delicious!

That’ll be all for today. Look forward to the next Minecraft Monday tomorrow!
~ Fang

27 08 11

Eventful weekend

As of the time of posting I’m still at Abunai!

Abunai! is a Dutch anime convention, like Anime.
Not much more to say about it right now, but I bet Im having tons of fun!
I’ll also be meeting up with a long-time friend I met over the internet. We haven’t met in real life before (ugh, this sounds kind of desperate (he’s a cool guy, though)), so I’m pretty excited.

Also, tomorrow is my parent’s marriage anniversary. Married for 25 years already, congrats to them!
As a “fun activity” we’ll be going to a place where you can climb high in the trees, take dangerous drops, and so on. More about that and Abunai! tomorrow.

That should keep you waiting for tomorrow’s post, right?
~ Fang