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We’re back on that topic again. Oh boy!

Just a quick question for you all: if you’re listening to music, do you pretend your life is a music clip, or something similar?

For me, it always makes the whole scene feel much more epic. Saying goodbye with sad music playing in the background is much more emotional, fighting with someone is much more awesome with exciting music playing.

Well, I never listen to music when in a conversation or anything, but you get the idea.
Also, when sitting in the car, pumping sick beats into my ears (kudos if you get the sick beats reference), I often put an imaginary guy or gal in the landscape we’re driving by, and have him/her keep up with us in all kinds of ways, be it running, flying, jumping, DOING AWESOME TRICKS, etc. It gives me inspiration for if I ever manage to become a good animation artist, and is kind of fun to do in general.

So, do you recognize yourself in any of this? Tell me!
~ Fang


  • 04/07/2011 (12:23 PM)

    ah yes. i wish background music would play in epic moments of our lives. *sighs*

  • 03/07/2011 (3:37 AM)

    Yeah.. It’s pretty easy to cry with a sad music played in the background whenever I feel melancholic. Also, I feel pumped up and ready to move whenever I hear a cheery and exciting song.

    And whenever I do bloghops, I listen to music. it puts me in the right mood.. I dunno. It just does. lol..

    What’s life without music, anyway? It would be super boring. :)

  • -E-
    02/07/2011 (11:29 PM)

    riding the ny subway for the first time listening to music was pretty good. felt like i was in an emo movie.

  • Jay
    02/07/2011 (11:04 PM)

    hahaha, i’ve never done that, but it sounds like an interesting concept. :)

  • 02/07/2011 (9:22 PM)

    Nice post, thanks guy!

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