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09 07 11


I find it kind of interesting how people can remix songs into totally different pieces of work.

Yes, I’ll take a Touhou soundtrack as an example. How could you ever have expected any different?

First, we take the original.

And then we take a look at a rock-themed remix.

You recognize some of the elements, but other than that, the songs seem like two completely separate works. pretty amazing, right?
The original is pretty epic by itself, but come on, a rock remix? MY EARS ARE ORGASMING.

But yeah, remixes can do wonders for the song… or they can ruin it. But I won’t be giving examples of that. They’re kind of hard to find for me, and it won’t be worth your time anyway.

~ Fang


  • 11/07/2011 (3:17 AM)

    I’ve heard songs that were completely different and I had no idea it was a remix until I looked it up

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