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Heya all!

Do you ever play things on edge, really risky?
I know I do. Like, right now.

On my dad’s iPhone, writing a blog post. Don’t want to break the combo. Tomorrow I’ll go to a small internet café and get the next posts done, so I won’t have to stress this anymore.

But I tend to play it safe on most things, just to be, ahum, safe. Sometimes take the risky path, though, just for the heck of it. Can be exciting. Excitement is the spice of life. Without it, life is bland!

So yeah, better posts coming back soon enough, about all kinds of things like a game I’ve been playing, birds, etc.

~ Fang


  • Anonymous
    17/07/2011 (4:14 PM)

    Hey Fang, it’s Winter/Autumn Wind. There are new MacBook Airs coming out soon. The backlit keyboard will return, 4 GB RAM, and a 128 GB are expected as standard.

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