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Bananas, in pajamas

Oh oh oh, what weather it is.

Has been three days nonstop rain and strong winds now.

Went out partying last night, woke up to my tent leaking a little bit, and my bag all wet. AMUSING.

I shouldn’t be complaining, though. I have a pretty good tent. There are a lot that have been blown away, collapsed, or have been ripped apart by the strong winds.
On my way here (where I pay for public computer use (fucking busy here, due to the bad weather)) I ran into two girls having trouble getting all their stuff to the ferry. Asked if they needed help. They obviously did, so I carried some bags for them. Their tent had been completely filled with water, it was leaking like shit.
They’re taking the evening ferry out of here. They said it’s already full, meaning that the huge-ass boat is overflowing with people. Guess everyone’s leaving because of the weather.

But yeah, that’s camping. Dealing with it. Kind of enjoying it, but I don’t like the soggy mess all the rain causes.

Hope you have better weather.
~ Fang

25 07 11

A week left…

Only a week left ’till I’m out of here, yay!

I am having a great time, yeah, but I kind of want to go home, too. I’m missing parties and what not my friends are giving.
Meh, shit happens.

Birthday also happens in a few days. You’ll know it when you see it here! ;D

Whoops, internet time it up. see you guys next post!
~ Fang

24 07 11


I really need to make one.

One of the people I’m working with made one himself.
He bought himself a metal suitcase, and got a 2.2 set of speakers his dad still had laying around. Bought a cheap amp, some wiring, and got to work.
Made holes in the front of the suitcase so the speakers could come out, and hid the wiring and amp and everything inside the suitcase. On/off switch on the outside, and he was ready to go.

I need to make one myself. Make it water and dust-proof, and take it to a beach party.
Lockable base, volume and power buttons on the outside, but in such a way that they aren’t obtrusive. Put all the wiring inside in a nice box so that it doesn’t fly around, along with a gripper for my iPod (or even laptop, if I can find a big enough suitcase), and maybe a way to connect it from the outside, too.

But hot damn, it’ll cost me so fucking much. I need a good amp and high-quality speakers, all to make sure my FLAC music files get played nicely. It needs to be powerful, too. A 50 mile blast radius is a minimum requirement.

Yet another thing I need to save my money for.
~ Fang

It’s slowly fading away! ):

Spending lots of time with people who listen to mainstream stuff, dance, house, and so on. It’s okay with me, really, but I’m starting to slowly pull away from my original tastes.

My music still sounds fabulous, but yeah, I don’t know. I’m starting to slip into the main stream. *badum tschh*

Even so, if my taste does chance, why do I find it to be so terrible? Guess it’s just a childish thing. I should enjoy what I really enjoy, so yeah.

~ Fang

Walked here (paid computer use) through the forest, it was fabulous.

Just the serenity of nature, elegance, so dynamic.

If you look around carefully, you’ll spot thousands of different species of plants on a square mile. Well, not thousands, but you get the picture.

Little things nature left behind in itself, too.
A dead bird’s corpse, for example. Everything had been digested by mold and insects and whatnot, except for the bones and the wings. So basically, a pair of wings was laying on the ground, in plain sight. Was a funny, yet kind of tragic sight. But hey, that’s nature too: death.

And then it started to rain. Saw it coming, so quickly searched for a big tree to stand under. Had some music playing, one of my favorite songs. It was kind of fitting, too.
So there I was, standing under a tree while it was raining like crazy. Beautiful.

We should be careful not to harm it, nature. It sounds kind of cliche, but really, take a walkf through a calm forest on a nice day. You’ll see what I mean.

~ Fang