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Walked here (paid computer use) through the forest, it was fabulous.

Just the serenity of nature, elegance, so dynamic.

If you look around carefully, you’ll spot thousands of different species of plants on a square mile. Well, not thousands, but you get the picture.

Little things nature left behind in itself, too.
A dead bird’s corpse, for example. Everything had been digested by mold and insects and whatnot, except for the bones and the wings. So basically, a pair of wings was laying on the ground, in plain sight. Was a funny, yet kind of tragic sight. But hey, that’s nature too: death.

And then it started to rain. Saw it coming, so quickly searched for a big tree to stand under. Had some music playing, one of my favorite songs. It was kind of fitting, too.
So there I was, standing under a tree while it was raining like crazy. Beautiful.

We should be careful not to harm it, nature. It sounds kind of cliche, but really, take a walkf through a calm forest on a nice day. You’ll see what I mean.

~ Fang


  • Jay
    23/07/2011 (12:46 AM)

    so true, but sadly technological advances + human greed = less nature. :(

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