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Praise be to ~zod.

I’m stuck on this island without proper internet or a computer to code on, and it’s slowly starting to kill me.

Don’t get me wrong, working here is good fun, and the team we have this year is really great, but I kind of miss my code. I’m getting all kinds of cool ideas I want to play with, but I can’t. Public computers aren’t any good for serious coding either, takes waaay too long to set it up properly, and all that.

I really need a laptop and a good mobile router.
Maybe if I can get my hands on a mobile router that offers speedy internet, I can set up a hotspot, and have people pay me for my internet. The local free hotspot is complete shit, so yeah.

But agh, I even wrote a little PHP script on a piece of paper yesterday. Am I going mad? Nah, I need to keep practicing, otherwise I might have to start all over again.

See you all in a week and a few days!
~ Fang


  • 27/07/2011 (3:07 AM)

    well, getting a tad obsessive, are we? haha. i kid. i’d probably go crazy, too. :|

  • -E-
    20/07/2011 (10:59 PM)

    no, that’s insane.

  • 20/07/2011 (7:34 PM)

    Interesting news!

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