Fang Talks

Now with random slogans!

He waves to you as the boat leaves the shore. Such a nice year it was, but over way too quickly.

He lightly replays the year in his head. The ups and the downs, but mostly the ups. Great times, great times.
Sadness fills his heart as the bay fades away into the horizon. He’ll be gone for only four weeks, but saying goodbye, even if for a short while, is always hard.

He turns around, faces the wind, the direction he’s going to. He might as well make the best of it now.

That’s it guys, I’ll be leaving for the coming month.
Don’t worry though! I’ll make sure I have internet, so I can occasionally update you on my situation. I’ll also quickly make some scheduled posts (only have 2.5 hours left to do roughly 30 posts. Don’t expect miracles!) so I won’t break my combo.
They’ll most likely be wise sayings and the thought behind it, or me discussing with myself for whatever reason.

The school year is “officially” over, too. No more things to do for it for the next seven weeks.
To all people from my school reading this: it was a wonderful year, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thank you! <3 Have a nice holiday, everyone! ~ Fang


  • Jay
    02/07/2011 (6:38 AM)

    have a good one!

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