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Is not here anymore.

For three days now, my niece has been here. She sleeps in my tent along with my sister. Even though I’m gone to work most of the day, they still talk the ears off of my head when I’m home. Ugh.

But hey, they’re having a good time. When the weather becomes better they won’t have to stay near the tent all day, either. Hurray!

But hot damn, my sister really is the kind of person I detest. Ugh. Just ugh.
Really, she uses her iPod Touch as a hardcore gaming device. Has, like, 9001 apps/games on it and says that isn’t all that much.
That, and she never uses earbuds and refuses to turn the volume down, so I have to hear her stupid games’ music OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Meh. I’ll have to deal with it.
~ Fang

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