Fang Talks

Sick fires

Your ruler has returned to his territory. Now get back to work, my minions.

Always such a hassle, coming back from vacation. So much to catch up on, so many things to do. But hey, I earned a nice amount of money while I was away, and had a great time, too.
Missed my friends, though. Had a 17 minute long phone call with one of them a few days back. Cost me some, but hey, I have enough.

Meh, I should deposit my moolah onto my bank account soon, so I don’t spend it too quickly. Meh, it’ll all be used up in about a year anyway. With me “saving” like that, how can I ever expect to get the money I need for my laptop?

I’ll be off, sleeping in my own bed for the first time in a month.
~ Fang

Today is my last day I’ll be working here this year. Wow, those four weeks went kind of quick.

I’ll be going home tomorrow, and so tomorrow’s blog post is going to be one written from my own computer. Hurray? Hurray!

God, I got so much to do when I get back. But I think I’ll first write the blog post, take a good shower, and then go to sleep. Then proceed to sleep approximately 21 hours, wake up, and get to work.
Work? yeah, work. Lots of things to do, continue with, and so on. OH BUSY ME. I got roughly three weeks at my disposal, though. May sound like much, but I still got to use them wisely. I don’t want to end up doing nothing.

Be prepared!
~ Fang

29 07 11

Fang turns 17!

Oh lawdy, what a shitty age.

Jep, today, seventeen years ago, I was brought to this world. My mission? Destruction of this galaxy. One yet to be determined.

It’s been a hell of a good time here. The start was easy, everything was done for me. After that, it was kind of boring, and a bit of a sad story. Was really not very social up to two years ago. Those two years have, so far, been the highlights of my life. Okay, downs here and there, but mostly ups. Thank you all. Thank you.

Not really doing much to celebrate this day itself. Birthdays are mostly formalities which I think are bullshit. I do like the presents though.
I will be holding a party with friends, of course, just because it’s so much damn fun. Hell, I should give a party once every month. (But it may become boring after a few times.)

But hey, I’m seventeen now. Sounds more mature than sixteen, right?
~ Fang

You will never be alone again!

Sort of my new favorite mainstream song. The lyrics are so fucking awesome. Simple, yet fucking effective. Look it up, I command thee.

Speaking of which, I really sort of miss my friends back home. Only a few days left before I get back, though.
Today is my day off from work. Celebrating my birthday today, because I’ll be working tomorrow. Meh, birthdays are a bit of a hassle, but more on that tomorrow.

I’ll leave you with that “cliffhanger”.
~ Fang

Is not here anymore.

For three days now, my niece has been here. She sleeps in my tent along with my sister. Even though I’m gone to work most of the day, they still talk the ears off of my head when I’m home. Ugh.

But hey, they’re having a good time. When the weather becomes better they won’t have to stay near the tent all day, either. Hurray!

But hot damn, my sister really is the kind of person I detest. Ugh. Just ugh.
Really, she uses her iPod Touch as a hardcore gaming device. Has, like, 9001 apps/games on it and says that isn’t all that much.
That, and she never uses earbuds and refuses to turn the volume down, so I have to hear her stupid games’ music OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Meh. I’ll have to deal with it.
~ Fang