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08 06 11


Hey there all!

Some of you may have seen my frantic test post(s) yesterday, asking wether or not it showed up in your Reading List.
Thing is, usually, when I make a new post, it immediately shows up in my reading list. Yesterday, however, it didn’t. I believe most of my traffic comes from the reading lists of people, so I kind of stressed it.
Did a bit of testing here and there, asked some friends, etc. My best bet is that it is/was related to the DNS still updating, my blog still migrating to the new domain. From the looks of it, the problem’s still there. If it persists, I’ll be contacting some people. Until then, just bear with it that it appears a little later!

Oh and I finally downloaded myself a properly translated set of Touhou games today! Huzzah!
Up till now, I had been playing the games using versions ported to be compatible with Mac OSX. They ran kind of buggy, and apparently also a bit slow. I now play .exe (windows versions) using Crossover. Bit of a speed increase, readable translations, and no bugginess!
I’m trying to install Wine into my OS, though. Crossover relies on Wine so it can run Windows files. If I can get Wine into my OS then I don’t need (my cracked) Crossover anymore, and can just launch it with a quick terminal command, or an AppleScript application that emulates said command.

Sadly, I’ve failed. For some reason, certain dependencies weren’t installed, and thus Wine doesn’t work. it may be due to the fact that I couldn’t be arced making an Apple Developer account just to download a Java Dev Pack, but it seems a bit unlikely.
Guess I’ll make an account, download the Java stuff, and try again.

~ Fang


  • 09/06/2011 (6:55 PM)

    Touhou games on mac? Tell me your secrets Fang… Oh, wait. You already did. I’ll look what all this crossover thingie is about.

  • 09/06/2011 (6:54 PM)

    i didn’t see the posts yesterday, hope you get everything worked out :)

  • 09/06/2011 (6:51 PM)

    your posts seem to appear on my reading list just fine. :)

  • 09/06/2011 (5:03 PM)

    Wine is a very useful tool, hope you get it working soon.

  • 09/06/2011 (2:48 PM)

    good luck dude!

  • -E-
    09/06/2011 (2:45 PM)

    didn’t think wine worked on macs.

  • 09/06/2011 (2:05 PM)

    Well I wish you good luck :)

  • 09/06/2011 (9:11 AM)

    keep it up. i cant wait to see how it works out youll get theree eventually

  • 09/06/2011 (7:11 AM)

    stop ‘whineing’, you´ll manage! :)

  • 09/06/2011 (1:08 AM)

    Good luck dude! Hope it works out well.

  • 09/06/2011 (12:53 AM)

    You’ll get the hang of it!!

  • Jay
    08/06/2011 (11:02 PM)

    good luck with the wine. :)

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