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13 06 11

Things are hard.

I‘d say life is hard, too, but it’s easy and boring. We’re just being pressured, that’s all.

Honestly, though, I’ll rant about GameSalad some more. Ugh, it’s hard.
Okay, there, I said it.

It’s nothing related to the way the program works, really. It’s just that it’s in beta and still has quite a few bugs, of which some can be very annoying.
Ahwell, I’ll deal with it for now.

Picking the right soundtracks for your game is hard, too. It’s a school project, so I won’t bother composing my own soundtracks. Instead, I intend to use a few of Touhou’s soundtracks. They’re all quite upbeat. My game is upbeat, but not THAT upbeat. Oh God Fang work on your vocabulary.
To get to the point: the soundtracks I have available don’t all fit in my game.
Ahwell, I’ll deal with it for now.

Speaking of Touhou, it’s hard. Playing normal mode, TH06: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil (first in the series to be able to run on Windows machines, yay!). I always die at the boss of Stage 3. And if I don’t, something will finish me off somewhere halfway Stage 4. Ugh.
Hong Meiling (Stage 3’s boss, only Chinese character in the games) is a pain in the crack. She just sways around with swirls of RAINBOW BULLETS in some sort of spiral pattern, and I can avoid them for a little while, but the longer it goes on, the higher the chances of me getting hit.
If that wasn’t enough, she also sends down a “colorful hurricane” which is basically a rainbow-colored bullet shower. GAME OVER GAME OVER GAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

It’s a great series, though, the Touhou Project. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: do check it out.

~ Fang


  • 14/06/2011 (6:24 PM)

    sounds like a good game

  • 14/06/2011 (4:30 PM)

    Sounds cool. link?

  • 14/06/2011 (12:39 PM)

    You can try a really simple program called Magix Musicmaker. It’s got a whole bunch of templates that you can use to make soundtracks. I’ve got it and it works pretty sweet.

  • 14/06/2011 (10:08 AM)

    that games hard enough on easy man

  • 14/06/2011 (9:24 AM)

    Well life is a bit-ch and there is nothing you can do about it! well there is just find out what :)

  • 14/06/2011 (5:08 AM)

    Hello! first time here on your page. :)and I am your new follower hope you will visit my page and follow.

    have a nice day!

  • Rob
    14/06/2011 (4:55 AM)

    Rainbow bullet hurricane? Sweet.

  • 14/06/2011 (4:53 AM)

    I’ve heard of Touhou, but I didn’t really take interest in the game. I suck at computer/online games.

    Oh, that’s so true. life is hard, but it is pretty damn simple at the same time. We just give in to pressure, most of the time.. and complain and complain.. and complain some more. LOL..

    I say, we take a step back and analyze the problem, and finally come up with the best solution. :)

  • 14/06/2011 (3:12 AM)

    I’ll play it lol
    Have a nice monday too :P

  • 13/06/2011 (10:13 PM)

    sounds like a fun game lol

  • 13/06/2011 (6:35 PM)

    Touhous is a very challenging game, I can’t manage to play for more than 1 hour without pain in my eyes, lot’s of movement everywhere.

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