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Good day to all, and what a good day it is!

Just now, out of nowhere, BAM, 200 followers GET! I was stuck on 197 for a while, but here we go, a nice milestone!

As per celebration, and my usual rambling blogging, I’ll be explaining Gamesalad to you.

Gamesalad, GameSalad or GS, is a gamedevelopment tool for Mac OSX. It’s nothing like GameMaker or anything else you guys (and gals) know. It operates rather uniquely.
You can create scenes and actors to put into those scenes. You can assign attributes to scenes and actors, and also behavior to actors.
By behavior, I mean telling it what to do when. I could create a rule that says
When mouse button is down, spawn actor: bullet. (note that this is done through a GUI of sorts, and no code is involved (sadly))
This’ll tell the actor I assigned the behavior to to spawn a bullet whenever I click the mouse.

But blegh, words alone can not describe the process. If you run Mac OSX, or have acces to it, I do recommend downloading Gamesalad and fiddling around with it for a bit. You might just think “hey I enjoy doing this”, make a serious game, and publish it to the App Store. Instant money! (although I do recommend keeping most of your content free)

As for the game I’m working on, it’s a project I’m working on for Computer Science. It has to be finished by next week’s Monday (not tomorrow), and I have tons of tests to study for, too. Urgh.
It’s coming along nicely, nonetheless. I’ll record some gameplay footage of the “finished product” when it’s more or less “finished”.
I think I’m making it more complex than originally assigned. D:

~ Fang


  • 13/06/2011 (1:11 PM)

    congrats on 200 followers! :D

  • 13/06/2011 (10:37 AM)

    congarts once again

  • 13/06/2011 (9:17 AM)

    once you done you could uploaded it and we coul…
    Oh wait, thats right! We all have awsome Windows!^^

  • 13/06/2011 (6:47 AM)

    What an incredible idea. You know what? Im downloading this bad boy right now, and make a game to publish at the store. I have a license but I failed hard trying to code a simple game, hope this program could help me to create something decent looking.

  • 13/06/2011 (3:22 AM)

    congratulations on the 200! too bad i dont have a mac..

  • Ada
    13/06/2011 (3:19 AM)

    Grats! And good luck on your project :o Looking forward to the gameplay footage!

  • 12/06/2011 (10:49 PM)

    It’s funny how you’ll be stuck at a number, and then leap over the target number you wanted.

  • -E-
    12/06/2011 (10:47 PM)

    congrats my friend!

  • 12/06/2011 (7:40 PM)

    Congrats on 200 I will have top try out my game design skills.

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