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The heart is the strongest muscle.

Well, we got a trip to the zoo tomorrow, but that doesn’t really count.

The school year’s over for me, guys! Zoo trip tomorrow, but that won’t be too much trouble, so I won’t count it as a school day.
Zoo trip tomorrow, amusement park Wednesday, party and sleepover Thursday, and leaving for vacation on Friday.

But not busy enough to stop me from playing around with some databases! I’ve been messing around with MySQL integrated into PHP. I’m hoping on getting a login system done before I leave. You know, with user-specific private pages and all.
I won’t post the sandbox link for that because, really, there isn’t much to see yet. It’s mostly behind-the-scenes work at the moment. I’ll keep you updated, though!

I’m still kind of sickish, but the terrible feeling has moved into my nose, and it’s leaking 24/7 now. Ugh.

Have a snotty nice day!
~ Fang


  • 29/06/2011 (2:38 PM)

    so jealous! i’m literally chin deep in schoolwork right now. T__T
    oh well, have fun!

  • -E-
    28/06/2011 (10:31 PM)

    just embrace the snot rocket my friend. girls will act repulsed but secretly they’ll respect you.

  • 28/06/2011 (8:21 PM)

    Congratulations! I wish my agenda were as busy as yours for vacvations

  • 28/06/2011 (7:30 PM)

    have fun @ the zoo :)

  • 28/06/2011 (7:27 PM)

    Zoos are horrible.. Tattered animals in shitty little cages

  • 28/06/2011 (5:09 PM)

    Zoos are great. I went to the Omaha zoo this weekend and it was great.

  • 28/06/2011 (9:24 AM)

    Have alot of fun at the zoo! +Follow

  • 28/06/2011 (12:52 AM)

    Bah, I really can’t wrap my head around MySQL, gave up trying a while ago because I’m lazy =3

    I hate being ill, frustrates me to no end.

    Cool blog, followed.

    Check out mine if you get the chance sometime:

  • 27/06/2011 (8:54 PM)

    Zoo trip? Awesome i’ve never been to a zoo

  • 27/06/2011 (7:45 PM)

    You have a lot of things to look forward to, have fun!

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